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      Men's & Women's SKI Snow Wear

      With Snow wear brands like Airhole, Dakine,  DC, Demon, Oakley, Ride, RVCA, Stance, ThirtyTwo and Volcom. Why would you need to go anywhere else!  We have an unrivalled range of Ski Jackets and Ski Trousers, and a huge range of Oakley Goggles, so you really have everything Snow wear related in one place! We stock only the very best Snowboard Equipment, ensuring you have the best time on your trip, with gear that won't let you down. Dakine Snowboard Gloves are our best selling gloves for 3 years running, and it's easy to see why. Most if not all of their gloves feature a 300g Fleece Lining. To help keep the warmth in, and the wet out. Looking for Snowboard Goggles? One word; Oakley. Their optics are second to none, and with the addition of their Prizm lenses, you can't go wrong! Make sure you check out our huge selection of Mens Ski JacketsSki TrousersThermalsSki GaogglesSki Gloves,  Snowboarding Accessories and Socks.

      Variety of Men's & Women's SKI Snow Wear

      At S2AS, we stockt he best brands to keep you warm and dry on the slopes. Our curated selection boasts leading brands, including Oakley, ThirtyTwo, and Volcom, ensuring you're geared up for the slopes in both performance and fashion.

      Oakley: Elevate Your Vision

      Unleash the power of clarity and style with Oakley's cutting-edge snow gear. Renowned for its high-performance goggles and eyewear, Oakley combines innovative lens technologies with sleek designs. From Prizm lenses enhancing visibility to durable outerwear that withstands the harshest conditions, Oakley is the epitome of precision and protection.

      ThirtyTwo: Unmatched Comfort and Performance

      Step into the future of snowboarding comfort with ThirtyTwo's exceptional snowboard boots. Renowned for their heat-moldable liners and superior fit, ThirtyTwo boots ensure you conquer the mountain with confidence. Pair your boots with their stylish outerwear range, featuring technical fabrics and modern designs that keep you warm, dry, and looking on-point.

      Volcom: Style Meets Functionality

      Volcom brings an urban edge to the mountain with its trend-setting snow wear. From street-inspired designs to high-performance materials, Volcom's outerwear seamlessly transitions from the park to the powder. Stay true to your style while enjoying the reliability of Volcom's waterproof and breathable technologies, ensuring you're ready for any mountain adventure.

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      At S2AS, we are committed to offering a diverse range of snow wear, ensuring that every rider finds the perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. Whether you're carving through fresh powder or perfecting your tricks in the park, trust S2AS to outfit you in the best from Oakley, ThirtyTwo, Volcom, and more. Your next snowboarding adventure starts with the right gear from S2AS. 


      What do you need?

      To stay warm and dry on the slopes you need to have a warm, dry jacket and gloves with waterproof pants. This will help keep you warm and dry allowing you to stay longer on the slopes

      Do you need Gore Tex?

      No, not for every style of riding. If you are fair weather skier who doesn't go off-piste, Gore-Tex isn't necessary, 15K will be plenty dry enough. If you are a Snowboarder who goes off-piste and is sitting down a lot, Gore Tex will keep you dry and comfortable.

      What's the importance of layering in snowboarding attire?

      Layering helps regulate body temperature by adding or removing layers based on weather conditions. A typical layering system includes a base layer for moisture-wicking, a mid-layer for insulation, and an outer layer for protection against wind and snow.


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