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      Snowboard Bindings

      Need snowboard bindings to better suit your setup or riding style? Maybe you just want to pick up something new and stylish to show off on your way down the mountain? Here at S2AS, we have got the right snowboard binding for you! We stock a huge range offrom a variety of brands such as Union Bindings and Flow Bindings.

      We stock snowboard bindings that are great for all skill levels. From entry-level through to the same snowboarding gear used by the pros. All of our stock are extremely durable and come in a variety of colours,  We also cater to riders looking for the classics — like Union, who have been a staple in the Snowboard Industry for a while now.  If you have any questions about  snowboarding gear, contact us on 01202 738448. Take a look at our stock of Union Bindings | Flow Bindings | Bataleon Bindings

      S2AS Snowboard Bindings: Unleash Your Ride with Top Brands

      At S2AS, we take pride in offering a premium selection of snowboard bindings from top brands, ensuring you experience the ultimate blend of comfort, performance, and style on the slopes. Explore our curated collection featuring renowned brands like Bataleon, K2, Ride, Flow, and Nidecker.

      Bataleon: Precision Engineering for Peak Performance

      Step onto the mountain with confidence with Bataleon snowboard bindings. Renowned for their precision engineering, Bataleon bindings deliver unparalleled responsiveness and control. Whether you're carving down groomers or tackling powder-filled chutes, Bataleon bindings are designed to elevate your riding experience.

      K2: Innovation Meets Comfort

      K2 snowboard bindings seamlessly combine innovation with comfort, making them a favorite among riders of all levels. With a focus on cutting-edge design and user-friendly features, K2 bindings offer a secure and enjoyable ride. Experience the thrill of the slopes with K2 bindings, where every turn feels effortless.

      Ride: Durability and Performance in Every Turn

      Ride snowboard bindings are synonymous with durability and performance. Crafted with precision and engineered for reliability, Ride bindings provide the stability and response needed to conquer any terrain. Trust Ride to be your companion on the mountain, ensuring you're ready for whatever challenges the slopes throw your way.

      Flow: Effortless Speed Entry for Seamless Riding

      For those seeking a revolutionary riding experience, Flow snowboard bindings offer the innovation of speed entry. Say goodbye to traditional strap-ins with Flow's easy-in, easy-out design. Enjoy seamless transitions and a snug fit, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the ride without compromising on performance.

      Nidecker: Swiss Precision for Peak Snowboarding

      Nidecker snowboard bindings embody Swiss precision, delivering a harmonious balance of performance and style. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, Nidecker bindings provide a responsive ride that caters to the needs of both freestyle and freeride enthusiasts. Conquer the mountain with confidence in Nidecker bindings.

      Your Journey Starts Here:

      Embark on your snowboarding adventure with S2AS and our curated collection of snowboard bindings from Bataleon, K2, Ride, Flow, and Nidecker. Whether you're a seasoned pro or hitting the slopes for the first time, our range of bindings ensures there's a perfect match for every rider. Elevate your ride, embrace the snow, and experience the thrill of top-tier snowboard bindings at S2AS.


      What snowboard binding do I need?

      Choosing a snowboard binding is personal to you and your board. The binding has to be a good fit for the board. A stiffer board generally requires a stiffer binding as it better suits the board. However if are looking for a more relaxed ride having a more relaxed binding will help. 

      Why is important to get it right?

      It is important to get the right binding is it is the only point of contact with your board, so if it isn't suited, the board won't ride as designed. Contact us at S2AS on 01202 738448 to get your board set up correctly. 

      Do I need a Step in binding?

      Having a step in binding is very personal to you, it can make it easier on the groomers but not necessarily in powder or park. They do make it easier to get in and out however arent suited to everyone. 

      How should I set up my bindings?

      To set up your bindings, it is important to get it right so you don't get injured. Generally boards will have recommendations of which inserts to put the bindings in. Further on the mini discs you will have number up to+/- 30 generally to start with you should set up + 15 and - 15. you can change it to a more directional feel or carving feel.