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      Freeride Kites

      Have a look at our Freeride Kites!These Kites are designed to go anywhere and do everything. If you can't decide what you want to do, whether thats TwinTip, Surfing or Foiling. These kites will do it all. Here at S2AS one of the UK's leading Kitesurf centres. we stock a huge range of kitesurfing kites from a variety of top brands including. Cabrinha Kitesurf KitesCore Kitesurf KitesOcean Rodeo KitesSlingshot Kitesurf Kites.

      Freeride kites represent a versatile category within the world of kitesurfing. Designed to offer an enjoyable and user-friendly experience for a broad range of riders. These kites prioritize ease of use, stability, and all-around performance. Making them ideal for individuals seeking a diverse and accessible kitesurfing experience.

      Key Characteristics of Freeride Kites:

      1. Versatility: Freeride kites are known for their adaptability to various conditions and riding styles. Whether you're cruising along the coastline, exploring waves; or practicing basic jumps. Freeride kites aim to provide a well-rounded experience for riders of all levels.

      2. Ease of Use: Designed with user-friendly features, freeride kites are often forgiving and easy to handle. This makes them suitable for beginners learning the basics of kitesurfing while still offering enough performance for intermediate and advanced riders.

      3. Stability: Stability is a key factor in freeride kites, ensuring a steady and predictable flight. This characteristic enhances the rider's confidence, especially in changing wind conditions or while learning new maneuvers.

      4. Depower and Safety Systems: Freeride kites typically come equipped with effective depower systems, allowing riders to control the amount of power the kite generates. Additionally, safety features such as quick-release systems contribute to a safer experience for riders of all levels.

      Popular Freeride Kite Models:

      1. Cabrinha Switchblade: The Cabrinha Switchblade is a renowned freeride kite, celebrated for its predictable power delivery, ease of use, and versatility. It's suitable for a wide range of riders, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts.

      2. Slingshot Code: The Slingshot Code is designed to provide versatile freeride performance, excelling in various conditions. It offers smooth power delivery, stability, and a responsive feel, making it a popular choice for riders looking for an all-around experience.

      3. Core Nexus: The Core Nexus is a freeride kite known for its stability, depower capabilities, and ease of use. It caters to riders who appreciate a kite that performs well in different conditions while maintaining simplicity.

      4. Ocean Rodeo Flite: The Ocean Rodeo Flite is a lightweight freeride kite designed for efficient flying in light winds. Its responsive nature and user-friendly characteristics make it an excellent choice for riders exploring different aspects of kitesurfing.

      Who Should Choose a Freeride Kite?

      • Beginners: Freeride kites are an excellent choice for beginners, providing a stable and forgiving platform for learning the fundamentals of kitesurfing.

      • Intermediate Riders: Riders progressing beyond the basics will appreciate the versatility of freeride kites, allowing them to explore different styles and conditions.

      • Casual Enthusiasts: Individuals who kitesurf for the joy of cruising, exploring, and enjoying the experience rather than focusing on specialized maneuvers will find freeride kites to be an ideal match.

      Our Brands

      1. Core Nexus - Seamless Versatility

      Key Features:

      • All-Around Performance: The Core Nexus is celebrated for its all-around performance, catering to riders of various skill levels and preferences. Its versatility shines through whether you're cruising, jumping, or experimenting with freestyle maneuvers.

      Technology Highlights:

      • Future-C Shape: Core's Future-C Shape design ensures a responsive and intuitive experience, making the Nexus a go-to choice for freeride enthusiasts.
      • Intelligent Trim System (ITS): The ITS allows riders to fine-tune the Nexus's performance on the fly, adapting to changing conditions and riding styles.

      2. Cabrinha Switchblade - Timeless Excellence

      Key Features:

      • Predictable Power: The Cabrinha Switchblade has established itself as a timeless favorite, known for its predictable power delivery and consistent performance. Its versatility caters to freeriders seeking reliability across diverse conditions.

      Technology Highlights:

      • 4-line Pulleyless System: Cabrinha's 4-line Pulleyless System simplifies the Switchblade's design, promoting direct and responsive control for a seamless freeride experience.
      • High Tenacity Dacron: High tenacity Dacron contributes to the Switchblade's durability, ensuring it withstands the rigors of freeriding.

      3. Xenon Air - Lightweight Efficiency

      Key Features:

      • Efficient Light Wind Performance: The Xenon Air is designed to excel in light wind conditions, offering riders an efficient and enjoyable freeride experience even when the wind is gentle.

      Technology Highlights:

      • Lightweight Construction: The Xenon Air's lightweight design enhances its responsiveness and makes it an ideal choice for riders seeking freeride efficiency in varying wind conditions.
      • Strategic Strut Placement: Carefully positioned struts contribute to the kite's stability and performance, ensuring a reliable freeride session.

      4. Slingshot Code - Mastering the Freeride Realm

      Key Features:

      • Versatile Freeride Performance: The Slingshot Code is engineered to master the freeride realm, providing riders with versatility, smooth power delivery, and stability across a range of conditions.

      Technology Highlights:

      • Split Strut: Slingshot's Split Strut design enhances the Code's stability and contributes to a lightweight structure, ensuring a delightful freeride experience.
      • One Pump Speed System: The One Pump Speed System simplifies the inflation process, allowing riders to spend more time enjoying the freeride session.

      5. Ocean Rodeo - Ignite Freeride Excitement

      Key Features:

      • Effortless Flying: Ocean Rodeo's freeride kites, such as the Flite, are crafted to offer effortless flying, making them ideal for riders seeking a user-friendly and enjoyable freeride experience.

      Technology Highlights:

      • Direct De-power System: Ocean Rodeo's Direct De-power System enhances control and safety, allowing riders to enjoy a smooth and effortless freeride session.
      • Dynamic Arc: The Dynamic Arc design optimizes the kite's shape for enhanced aerodynamics and ease of use, contributing to an exhilarating freeride experience. 


      What defines a freeride kite, and how is it different from other kite types?

      Freeride kites are designed to provide a versatile and enjoyable experience for kitesurfers of various skill levels. They prioritize a balanced blend of ease of use, stability, and all-around performance. Unlike specialized kites for specific disciplines like freestyle or wave riding, freeride kites aim to cater to a broad range of riding styles, making them suitable for riders who seek versatility and an enjoyable cruising experience.

      Can beginners use freeride kites, or are they better suited for more advanced riders?

      Freeride kites are an excellent choice for beginners due to their user-friendly characteristics. These kites typically offer stability, predictable power delivery, and ease of control, making them ideal for those who are still learning the basics of kitesurfing. As beginners progress in their skills, freeride kites continue to provide a platform for versatile riding styles, making them suitable for riders of all levels.

      How do freeride kites perform in different wind conditions?

      Freeride kites are designed to perform well in a variety of wind conditions, providing a versatile riding experience. While specific models may have variations in their wind range, freeride kites are generally effective in light to moderate winds. Some models may also handle stronger winds, offering a stable and controlled experience for riders across varying wind conditions.

      What features should I look for when choosing a freeride kite?

      • Versatility: Look for a kite that offers versatility across different riding styles, allowing you to enjoy cruising, jumping, and basic maneuvers.
      • Stability: A stable kite is essential for an enjoyable freeride experience. Consider kites with features that enhance stability, such as strategic strut placement or innovative designs.
      • Ease of Use: Freeride kites should be user-friendly, especially for beginners. Features like simplified control systems, quick relaunch capabilities, and forgiving flight characteristics contribute to ease of use.
      • Wind Range: Choose a kite with a suitable wind range for your local conditions. Some kites may have a broader wind range, providing adaptability to changing wind conditions.*