Here at S2AS we would like to make 100% sure all our loyal customers/Members to our VIP program get only the best offers via email. So we have decided to make sure we offer one crazy offer per month but ONLY to our members. These offers will NOT be visible or purchasable if you are not a VIP member, Each offer will be linked to your unique Email address so no one else will have access to these crazy offers, This will enable two things:

1, More free stock for S2AS VIP Members

2, Make sure that you get rewarded and looked after by our team here at S2AS for supporting us.

Want to find out more?

How will it work?
So if you are already signed up to our newsletter you have to do nothing we have signed you up already so you will be sure to get these once a month offers. if you are NOT signed up to our newsletter im sorry to say you will not be getting these Trade sale offers - But not is all lost you can regester with us below.

How often will i get an offer?
Offers for trade price items will go out once a month only and you will know as we will make it
"VIP Members only"

Does my Email get sold to any other company?

HELL NO! That would not be cool.

What kind of offers can i expect to see?
Offers will range across all the sports we offer so not all of them will suit you unless you participate in all our sports. But to give you an example all the offers will be a ZERO PROFIT for us These will be cost price to us so we will not lose money but we will not make money either. Some of the other offers we have done have been wetsuits all current models and sizes at our cost price and many more - offers last for 48hrs only or before if sold out first. So be quick!

This has never been offered before and once again is a "S2AS FIRST"

How to Sign up?

So you're in right? Ok let's get this show on the road, Just sign up below with your email and once we are ready to release the next monthly offer you will be on this list - However be quick as we do not have an endless supply and when we sell out that's it.