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      Here at S2AS leading Kitesurf Shop in the UK. We stock a massive range of Kiteboards including Twintip Kiteboards, Skimboards, and dedicated Kite Surfboards. All of these products are brought to you from leading kitesurfing brands. Take a look at the range from the following; Cabrinha , Core, Flysurfer,  Slingshot and Xenon. We carry an extensive selection of boards, ensuring that you can find the perfect kiteboard for any skill level, from beginner to pro-rider. Moreover, we provide a range of styles to match your preferences. Whether you enjoy big air Freeride, are in search of Lightwind performance, or want to engage in progressive Freestyle and Wakestyle surfing, S2AS offers the perfect kiteboarding setup for you! Our team of experts has tested all the kitesurfing boards that we stock.

      If you have any questions about any of our stock please don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448.

      About Kiteboards

      Ready to soar over the waves and experience the thrill of kitesurfing? Your choice of kiteboard plays a crucial role in shaping your kitesurfing experience. At S2AS, the UK's premier kitesurf center, we offer a diverse range of kiteboards tailored to different styles and preferences. Let's explore the key characteristics of twintip boards, surfboards, and foil boards, guiding you to choose the right ride for your ultimate kitesurfing adventures.

      Twintip Kiteboards: Versatile Freestyle Fun

      Key Characteristics:

      1. Bidirectional Design: Twintip boards feature a symmetrical shape, allowing riders to cruise in either direction. This bidirectional design adds versatility, making twintips ideal for freestyle tricks and jumps.

      2. Freestyle Performance: Designed for freestyle enthusiasts, twintip kiteboards provide a lively and playful feel on the water. Their shape allows riders to perform tricks, jumps, and spins with ease.

      3. Upwind Ability: Twintips are known for their excellent upwind performance. Riders can navigate upwind efficiently, maximizing their time on the water and exploring different areas of the kitesurfing spot.

      Surfboards: Conquer the Waves with Style

      Key Characteristics:

      1. Directional Shape: Surfboards have a directional shape, meaning they are designed to be ridden in a specific direction. 

      2. Wave Riding Performance: Surfboards excel in wave riding conditions. Their specialized shape allows riders to navigate and carve through waves with precision, making them the preferred choice for wave enthusiasts.

      3. Maneuverability: With a focus on maneuverability, surfboards allow riders to perform stylish turns, cutbacks, and bottom turns. 

      Foil Boards: Glide Above the Water with Effortless Grace

      Key Characteristics:

      1. Hydrofoil Design: Foil boards incorporate a hydrofoil design, featuring a mast and wing beneath the board's surface. This design allows the board to lift above the water, reducing drag and providing a smooth, gliding sensation.

      2. Low Wind Performance: Foil boards shine in low wind conditions. Their ability to lift above the water's surface enables riders to harness the slightest breezes, extending the range of kitesurfing possibilities.

      3. Efficiency and Speed: Foil boards offer exceptional efficiency and speed. The reduced drag from the water allows riders to experience a sensation of flying above the surface, making foiling a thrilling and unique aspect of kitesurfing.

      Considerations When Choosing a Kiteboard:

      1. Riding Style:

      • Freestyle Enthusiast: Opt for a twintip kiteboard for its bidirectional design and lively freestyle performance.
      • Wave Rider: Choose a surfboard if you love conquering waves and desire a directional board optimized for wave riding.
      • Effortless Glide: Embrace the futuristic feel of foiling with a foil board designed for efficiency and speed.

      2. Skill Level:

      • Beginner: Twintip boards are excellent for beginners due to their bidirectional design and forgiving nature.
      • Intermediate to Advanced: Surfboards and foil boards cater to more experienced riders looking for specialized performance in waves or foiling.

      3. Local Conditions:

      • Flatwater Conditions: Twintips excel in flatwater conditions, providing an ideal platform for freestyle tricks and jumps.
      • Wavy Conditions: Surfboards are the go-to choice for riders seeking an exhilarating wave-riding experience.
      • Low Wind Areas: Foil boards thrive in low wind conditions, offering the opportunity to kitesurf when traditional boards may struggle.

      Our Board Brands:

      1. Twintip Kiteboards: Core Fusion, Xenon Laluz

        • Versatile Freestyle Fun: Experience the thrill of freestyle kitesurfing with twintips designed for versatility and playful performance.
      2. Surfboards: Ocean Rodeo Jester, Cabrinha Cutlass

        • Conquer the Waves with Style: Ride the waves with precision and style using surfboards optimized for wave riding.
      3. Foil Boards: Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf V3, Cabrinha Double Agent

        • Glide Above the Water with Effortless Grace: Elevate your kitesurfing experience with foil boards that provide efficient foiling and a unique sensation of flight.


      What distinguishes twintip kiteboards from surfboards and foil boards?

      Twintip boards are bidirectional and versatile for freestyle tricks. Surfboards are directional, optimized for wave riding, while foil boards incorporate a hydrofoil design for efficient and low-wind performance.

      Can I use a twintip kiteboard for wave riding?

      While twintip boards are not ideally suited for wave riding, skilled riders can still adapt their technique to execute some wave-related maneuvers. On the other hand, for those seeking the best wave-riding experience, surfboards are highly recommended.

      Are foil boards suitable for beginners?

      Foil boards pose a challenge for beginners because of their distinctive design and the sensation of flying above the water. Consequently, beginners usually begin with twintip boards and then advance to foil boards as they gain experience.

      How does the hydrofoil design of foil boards enhance kitesurfing?

      The hydrofoil design of foil boards reduces drag, allowing the board to lift above the water. This enhances efficiency, speed, and provides a smooth gliding sensation, especially in low wind conditions