Womens winter wetsuits

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      Womens Winter Wetsuits

      We stock a large range of women's winter wetsuits from high-quality brands such as O'Neill and Mystic, in all different sizes, styles, colours and price to suit anyone's taste and price range. The women's winter wetsuits that we stock are mainly 5/4mm in thickness and contain a massive variety of features to keep you warm and comfortable all through the winter season, the Mystic Diva women's wetsuit is a great example of this with it having polygiene, 100% waterproof stretch taping inside, PK coated zip, glideskin neck construction, back-zip entry, 4 way stretch knee pads and aquaflush which benefit you in a number of ways whilst on the water by keeping you warm and giving you maximum movement. We also stock drysuits from Ocean Rodeo and Mystic which are a great option for any extreme sports such as kitesurfing and offer great warmth and comfort with breathable and durable material.

      If you have any questions about the women's winter wetsuits that we stock please don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448.

      Embark on winter water escapades with confidence, warmth, and style with our Winter Wetsuits collection, featuring renowned brands O'Neill, Ripcurl, and Mystic. Crafted to withstand the chill of colder seasons, these wetsuits are designed with premium neoprene technology, ensuring optimal insulation, flexibility, and durability for those who dare to brave the winter waves.

      O'Neill - Defying the Winter Chill:

      O'Neill, a trailblazer in wetsuit innovation, leads the charge in defying the winter chill. Our Winter Wetsuits from O'Neill feature cutting-edge neoprene materials, strategically placed to provide enhanced insulation where it matters most. Experience the brand's commitment to superior design and thermal efficiency, allowing you to conquer colder waters with confidence and comfort.

      Ripcurl - Winter Adventures in Style:

      Ripcurl brings a touch of style to winter water adventures with our Winter Wetsuits. Renowned for their commitment to surf culture, Ripcurl wetsuits for winter combine functionality with fashion. Premium neoprene ensures a lightweight yet insulating fit, allowing you to make a bold statement on the waves without compromising on warmth.

      Mystic - Unleash Winter Elegance:

      Mystic adds a touch of elegance to winter wetsuit technology. Our Winter Wetsuits from Mystic showcase innovative designs and meticulous attention to detail. Tailored for winter conditions, these wetsuits prioritize both flexibility and insulation. Mystic ensures that you not only stay warm but also exude a sense of winter elegance as you ride the waves in style.

      Optimal Insulation for Winter Comfort:

      Our Winter Wetsuits from O'Neill, Ripcurl, and Mystic are meticulously engineered with optimal insulation in mind. Premium neoprene technology provides a snug fit that effectively retains body heat, keeping you warm even in the coldest waters. Dive into winter surfing or other water sports with the assurance that these wetsuits are your reliable shield against the winter elements.

      Strategic Thickness and Flexibility:

      Experience the perfect blend of strategic thickness and flexibility in our Winter Wetsuits. Whether you're catching winter swells or engaging in cold-water activities, these wetsuits offer the flexibility needed for maneuvering in challenging conditions while ensuring you remain insulated against the cold.

      Stylish Winter Adventure:

      Stay stylish even in the winter elements with our Winter Wetsuits. Available in a range of designs, colors, and patterns from O'Neill, Ripcurl, and Mystic, these wetsuits allow you to make a statement on the waves while conquering the winter conditions with flair.

      Gear up for winter water exploration with the best in thermal protection – Winter Wetsuits from S2AS. Dive into the season with confidence, warmth, and style, as O'Neill, Ripcurl, and Mystic redefine your winter water adventures with wetsuits that go beyond function to make a stylish splash in colder waters.

      Take a look at our stock of O'Neil Winter Wetsuits | Mystic Winter Wetsuits


      What thickness of neoprene is suitable for winter wetsuits?

      Winter wetsuits typically range from 4/3mm to 6/5/4mm in thickness, providing increased insulation to handle colder water temperatures.

      Are winter wetsuits suitable for all cold-water activities?

      Winter wetsuits are versatile and suitable for various cold-water activities, including surfing, diving, and kayaking, providing essential insulation and protection against chilly conditions.

      How should a winter wetsuit fit compared to those for other seasons?

      A proper fit is crucial for winter wetsuits, ensuring snugness without restricting movement. The thicker neoprene may slightly affect flexibility, so it's essential to follow the manufacturer's sizing chart for an optimal balance of warmth and comfort.

      What additional features should I look for in a winter wetsuit?

      Look for features like sealed seams, thermal linings, and integrated hoods to enhance insulation. Durable knee pads and reinforced areas can also extend the lifespan of the wetsuit, especially during winter activities where wear and tear are more likely.