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Origionally named 'Snurfing' short for 'Snow Surfing', Snowboarding became very popular in the 1960s and '70s but grew in popularity in the 1980s, and became an Olympic sport in 1998. Although Snowboards were outlawed on the mountain resorts in the 1980's due to its nature. Snowboards attracted many youths which made it appear like a teen craze as opposed to an Olympic sport. This saw many resorts outlaw the sport in a bid to deter teenagers from proceeding to the slopes. It was not until later when resorts started approving snowboarding, and this propelled them to instant popularity. This has remained the case to date.


We stock a considerable amount of Snowboards at S2AS, but only from the worlds best Snowboard brands, just like Bataleon and Never Summer. Bataleon, Pioneers of their signature technology 3BT, (Triple base technology) the guys at Bataleon are really onto something this season. Their addition to their already impressive 3BT, Sidekick, will make your Snowboarding that much easier. Triple Base Technology is essentially when the sides of the board are uplifted, meaning that you really can spin on a dime. This technology is perfect for any level of snowboarder, but it really comes into its own with Powder snowboards. Because they tailor the 3BT to every style of snowboard, the Powder boards have the most uplift, in turn making the nose of the board get pushed up in the snow, So you never get that rear leg burn when Snowboarding in Powder. You need to try one to really get a feel for it!


Bataleon have been at the forefront of Snowboarding for a while now, and it’s easy to see why, Their patented TBT (or Triple-Base Technology) is a 3-dimensional profiling, that creates more forgiving and versatile Snowboards allowing for catch-free riding whatever the conditions. The team at S2AS believe these Snowboards are some of the best snowboards on the market right now, and with loads of different models to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the right one for you, whether it be off-piste backcountry riding, jibbing in the park or just cruising down groomers!


With pricing on the bataleon sonwboards we stock it varies from around £335 - £519 depending on the shape, teachnology, style and the model weather it is a newer snowboard or a seasons old. This is a solid £50 - £100 more than the average board brand, making Bataleon noticeably more expensive. On the flip side of this, you get what you pay for. While Bataleon does charge more, they put exponentially more R&D into their products, ensuring that the riders get the most precise technology available. If you have the budget, it is no doubt worth it. Overall, Bataleon have a price rating at a 7.2 out of 1 which is still very good compared to other snowboards brands.

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snowboard boots

Snowboard boots back in the day they first came around on the mountain resorts were absolutley horrible inventions, we should all be super greatful and happy that we have the snowboard boots we do today.

Just so you get an idea on the history and how much snowboard boots have advanced in the past 40-50 years, you should take into acount that we have much more professional ideas and machines to manufacture the liners/boots. liners and boots used to be rubber, a horrible material to use because of blisters and rubbing which makes the amazingly fun sport painful. Nowadays we manufacture a range of snowboard boots with foam liners paired with a soft shell for less technical and agressive riding to a harder shell were a small amount of movment produces a big reaction. Here at S2AS we predominatly sell the brand ThirtyTwo as they produce the amazing heat mouldable intuition liner and a full variety range of liners boots and lace systems.

In terms of the lacing system, it has durastically advanced aswell as the liners and shells, with a few differed lacing options. The standard lace is pretty self explanitary, you start at the bottom lace, cross them over one another as you hook the laces arond the hooks working up towards the top of the snowboard boot where you finish the knot with a bow. BOA system on a snowboard boot is an amazing idea and has worked for years, not too long ago the released the double BOA system to get a real fine-tuned fit within your snowboard boots. With the BOA system classic laces are replaced by stainless steel wires, connected to a turning knob. This knob is used to tighten, loosen and snapping your laces into place. Another newer design of laces would be Speed Laces. Speed Laces are laces that are pre-laced and fixed in place. At the top of the boot there are two handles, one at each side. To tighten the boot the user has to pull the handle so that the laces become tight and then pull them backwards to lock them in place.

Snowboard boots have advanced in this day in age to also fit the specific needs of a wider or thinner boot which is a major bonus. sometime snowboard boots can be quite tight and uncofortable if they arent wide enough so being able to request a wider boot is a much better technology that has been gained through out the years.

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snowboard jackets

When buying a snowboard jacket, a lot of it comes down personal prefferance of style and graphics. Sometimes you may need specific technologies within the snowboard jacket such as: waterproofing (10K or 20K), warmth rating, water sealed zips, hoods (thermal or shell and featured pockets. Most Snowboard jackets are now shells, they will be water resistant or waterproof but the idea has become more popular recently. You should layer up with thermals, mid-layers then a shelled snowboard jacket on the top.


When purchasing a snowboard helmet there is a lot to consider as it is a safety feature that could potientially save a life. snowboard helmets come in all different shapes and sizes but is allways the best idea to go into a store and have on measured fitted for a snugg fit. Here at S2AS we mainly sell Oakley Helmets but we also stock snowboard helmets under the brand Sandbox.

There are many reasons we mostly sell Oakley helmets and they would include, MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system) which originally came from motorcycle helmets is a carefully engineered protective system that is integrated into the internal parts of the ski helmet. It serves to protect the brain from sustained damage during the moment of impact. Those first seconds are where the vast majority of damage can occur. BOA system is a wheel connected to stainless steel wires inside and on the back on the helmet to fine-tune the fit of the size snowboard helmet you need. The next technology oakley are well know for is their variation of air vents, from minimal design to really technical air flow that can actually cool your head down and act as areodynamic chambers. Oakley also produced a magnetic buckle system which has proven to be quick, easy, safe and durable which just checked all of our boxes.

With the peak of the Oakley helmets they are designed to fit with near to no gap between any goggle as they are a very universal fitting helmet. Oakley snowboard helmets also have headphone loops on the interior which is pretty self explanitory but it s a loop to slide your headphones through so they dont fall out your helmet and get lost.

The last technical feature of the Oakley snowboard helmets would be the no pressure earpads, this produces maximum comfort and no pressure on the ears that reduse you hearing. Again if you have any questions on our helmet range (MOD1YOUTH, MOD1, MOD1MIPS, MOD3, MOD3MIPS, MOD5MIPS, MOD7MIPS.saphire, MOD7MIPS.torch) or our sandbox snowboard helmets.

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