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      We stock a large range of travel bags mainly from Dakine, who produce very high quality travel bags that come in all different colours, styles, sizes and prices to suit anyones taste and price range. What ever your travel needs may be we have got the right travel bag for you, all of the travel bags that we stock contain a variety of features to make your travelling experience as easy as possible, such as split level design allowing very easy access, retractable handle, replaceable and extremely durable urethane wheels, exterior organiser pockets, lockable zipper cars to keep all your gear safe and 600D Polyester to make the travel bags as durable as possible.

      If you have any questions about the travel bags that we stock please don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448.

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      Ensure your watersports equipment arrives safely and in top condition with the right travel bags designed for aquatic adventures. At S2AS, we understand the importance of protecting your watersports gear during travel. Explore our selection of watersports travel bags and accessories, along with key considerations and top recommendations to keep your equipment secure and ready for action.

      Key Watersports Travel Bags and Accessories:

      1. Kiteboard Bags:

        • Kiteboard bags are specifically designed to accommodate kiteboards, providing padding and protection against scratches and dings during transit. Look for bags with reinforced padding and ample storage space for additional accessories.
      2. Wetsuit Bags:

        • Wetsuit bags help you transport wet gear without dampening the rest of your belongings. These bags often feature waterproof linings and ventilation to keep your wetsuit fresh.
      3. Wakeboard Bags:

        • Wakeboard bags offer padded protection for wakeboards and bindings. Look for bags with additional pockets for accessories, such as fins and handles.
      4. Surfboard Travel Bags:

        • Surfboard travel bags are essential for protecting surfboards during air or road travel. Choose bags with thick padding, durable zippers, and additional features like fin pockets.
      5. Harness and Accessory Bags:

        • Keep your harness, lines, and other accessories organized with dedicated harness bags. These bags often feature compartments and pockets for efficient storage.

      Considerations When Choosing Watersports Travel Bags:

      1. Size and Compatibility:

        • Ensure that the travel bag is suitable for the size of your specific watersports equipment, whether it's a kiteboard, surfboard, wakeboard, or wetsuit. Check dimensions and compatibility to prevent damage during transit.
      2. Padding and Protection:

        • Look for bags with ample padding to protect your gear from impact and scratches. Padded interiors and reinforced exteriors are crucial for ensuring your equipment remains in optimal condition.
      3. Durability and Materials:

        • Opt for travel bags made from durable and water-resistant materials to withstand the demands of travel. Heavy-duty zippers, reinforced stitching, and robust handles contribute to overall durability.
      4. Portability:

        • Consider the ease of carrying the bag, especially if you'll be navigating airports or transporting gear over various terrains. Features like padded shoulder straps and wheels enhance portability.

      Our Top Watersports Travel Bag Recommendations:

      1. Mystic Elevate Kiteboard Bag:

        • Features: Durable polyester construction, 8mm padding, suitable for multiple boards, large compartments for additional accessories, and padded shoulder strap.
      2. Dakine Surf Daylight Noserider Bag:

        • Features: Padded and heat-reflective design, durable 600D polyester construction, corrosion-resistant zipper, and a fin slot for added convenience.
      3. Jobe Base Wakeboard Bag:

        • Features: 600D nylon construction, full padding, large exterior pocket for accessories, adjustable shoulder strap, and carry handles.


      Can I check my watersports travel bag as regular luggage on a flight?

      Most airlines allow you to check in watersports travel bags as special sports equipment. However, it's advisable to check with the airline in advance regarding their specific policies and any associated fees.

      How can I clean and maintain my watersports travel bag?

      Clean your bag with mild soap and water, and ensure it's completely dry before storing gear. Regularly check for any wear and tear, and address any issues promptly to extend the bag's lifespan.

      Are there specific bags for kitesurfing harnesses and accessories?

      Yes, there are dedicated harness and accessory bags designed to keep your kitesurfing gear organized and protected. These bags often feature compartments for harnesses, lines, and other accessories.

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