Snow thermals


      Snow Thermals 

      We stock a large range of Snow thermals from a variety of brands such as DakineOakley, Ride and ThirtyTwo.

      All of the men's thermals that we offer at S2AS are breathable, durable and will keep you warm all through your winter experience, they all come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit anyone and everyone. Take a look to our sale selection of mens ski thermals if you have a smaler budget. We sell a huge selection form great brands for ervery tast and every budget.

      If you have any questions about any of the men's thermals that we have in stock please don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448.

      Take a look at our stock of Dakine thermals, Oakley thermals, Ride thermals, ThirtyTwo thermals.

      What do you need? 

      Welcome to the pinnacle of winter warmth with our premium Snow Thermals, available exclusively at S2AS. Elevate your cold-weather adventures with these high-performance base layers, designed to keep you cozy and comfortable in the harshest conditions on the slopes.

      Superior Insulation:

      Our Snow Thermals feature cutting-edge insulation technology that traps and retains heat close to your body, ensuring optimal warmth without compromising mobility. Whether you're carving through powder or braving chilly chairlift rides, these thermals provide a reliable barrier against the winter chill.

      Moisture-Wicking Mastery:

      Stay dry and comfortable throughout your winter escapades with our thermals' advanced moisture-wicking properties. Engineered to pull sweat away from your skin, these base layers keep you dry, preventing discomfort and chills during intense activities.

      Second-Skin Comfort:

      Experience the luxury of a second-skin feel with our Snow Thermals. Crafted from premium, stretchable materials, these base layers conform to your body's contours, offering a snug fit that doesn't compromise on flexibility. The result? Unparalleled comfort that moves with you on every turn.

      Optimized Breathability:

      Designed for the demands of snow sports, our thermals strike the perfect balance between insulation and breathability. Strategic ventilation zones promote airflow, preventing overheating while maintaining a cozy microclimate against your skin.

      Versatility in Design:

      From sleek and minimalist to bold and vibrant, our Snow Thermals cater to your style preferences. Layer up with confidence, knowing that you're not only optimizing your winter warmth but also making a statement on the mountain with our diverse range of designs.

      Durability for Endless Adventures:

      Built to withstand the rigors of winter sports, our thermals boast durability that stands up to the challenges of the mountain. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, these base layers are engineered for longevity, ensuring they'll be your go-to choice season after season.

      What features should I look for in snow thermals?

      • Prioritize thermal materials like merino wool or synthetic fabrics for effective moisture-wicking and insulation. Look for a snug fit to trap body heat without hindering movement.

      How do I determine the right size for snow thermals?

      • Follow the sizing guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Thermals should fit close to the body to effectively trap heat, but ensure they don't feel overly restrictive.

      Is merino wool better than synthetic materials for snow thermals?

      • Merino Wool: Natural fibers offer excellent warmth, moisture-wicking, and odor resistance. Ideal for those seeking natural materials.
      • Synthetic Materials: Provide good moisture-wicking, are often more affordable, and may dry faster. Suitable for various activities and preferences.

      Can I use any thermals with any snow outerwear?

      • Yes, thermals are versatile and can be worn with any snow outerwear. Ensure the fit is comfortable and complements your layering system. Mixing and matching brands is common.