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      Wake Foils

      At S2AS we stock a huge range of Wake Foils from brands such as Liquid Force and Slingshot

      Whether you are buying your first foil setup and require something stable and easy to get up on or have lots of experience behind the boat and are looking for a wake foil that will take your riding to the next level Surface2Air Sports has the right product for you. We sell  Wake Foils for all tastes and budgets.

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      Take a look to our stock of Liquid Force and Slingshot.

      About Wakefoils

      Mast: At the core of the wake foil foil assembly is the mast—a vertical strut that connects the hydrofoil to the wakeboard. Masts come in various lengths, influencing the height at which the wakeboard hovers above the water. Riders can choose mast lengths based on their skill level, riding preferences, and the desired foiling experience.

      Wings: Wings, or foils, are the horizontal components that generate lift and stability. These wings vary in shape, size, and design, each contributing to specific aspects of the foiling experience. Larger wings generally provide more lift, making them suitable for beginners, while smaller, more streamlined wings cater to advanced riders seeking increased maneuverability.

      Fuselage: The fuselage is the central connector that links the mast to the wings. Its length and design influence the overall stability and control of the foil. A longer fuselage provides additional stability, making it easier for beginners to balance, while a shorter fuselage enhances responsiveness and maneuverability, appealing to more experienced riders.

      Materials and Construction: Wake foil foils are constructed from lightweight and durable materials, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, or a combination of both. These materials ensure that the foil is robust enough to withstand the forces exerted during foiling while remaining lightweight for optimal performance. The choice of materials also influences the foil's responsiveness and flex characteristics.

      Adjustability: Many wake foil foils feature adjustable components, allowing riders to fine-tune their foiling experience. Adjustable mast heights, wing angles, and fuselage lengths provide the flexibility to adapt the foil to different riding conditions, skill levels, and personal preferences. This adjustability is valuable for riders looking to customize their setup for an optimal and enjoyable experience.

      Compatibility: Wake foil foils are designed to be compatible with specific wake foil boards. They feature inserts or tracks that align with the attachment points on the wakeboard, ensuring a secure and stable connection. It's crucial to choose a wake foil foil that is compatible with the wake foil board to ensure proper integration and performance.

      Stability and Lift: The primary function of wake foil foils is to provide stability and lift. As the wakeboard gains speed, the wings generate lift, lifting the entire setup above the water's surface. The stability and lift offered by wake foil foils create a smooth and virtually frictionless riding experience, allowing riders to soar over wakes with ease.

      Wake foil foils, with their advanced design and engineering, are the key to unlocking the exhilarating world of wake foiling. As riders harness the power of these foils, they experience a fusion of innovation, precision, and the sheer joy of gliding above the water—a sensation that redefines the boundaries of water sports.


      What is wake foiling, and how does it differ from traditional wakeboarding?

      Wake foiling is a water sport that incorporates hydrofoil technology into wakeboarding. A wake foil setup includes a hydrofoil assembly attached to a wake foil board. The hydrofoil generates lift, allowing the rider to lift above the water's surface and experience a smooth, virtually frictionless glide. Unlike traditional wakeboarding, foiling minimizes water resistance, providing a unique and exhilarating riding sensation.

      Are wake foils suitable for riders of all skill levels?

      Yes, wake foils are designed to cater to riders of varying skill levels. Larger foils with more surface area and stability are well-suited for beginners, providing an easier learning curve and a stable platform for takeoffs and landings. Smaller foils with reduced surface area offer increased maneuverability and responsiveness, catering to advanced riders seeking to perform tricks and maneuvers.

      What factors should I consider when choosing a wake foil setup?

      When choosing a wake foil setup, consider factors such as your skill level, weight, riding preferences, and the type of foiling experience you desire. Beginners may prefer larger foils for stability, while advanced riders may opt for smaller foils for increased maneuverability. Adjustable setups that allow customization of mast height, wing angles, and fuselage length provide versatility for riders to fine-tune their experience.

      Can wake foiling be done in various water conditions, and where is it typically practiced?

      Wake foiling is versatile and can be enjoyed in various water conditions, including calm lakes, rivers, and the ocean. The hydrofoil's design allows riders to adapt to different surfaces and navigate choppy waters. While wake foiling can be practiced in a range of environments, riders often choose locations with consistent boat wakes for an optimal foiling experience. Popular settings include cable parks and boat sessions with a dedicated wake foiling setup.