So, you’ve come here to learn a bit more about your gear, eh? Perfect! Choose from one of our hand-written buyers guides down below and boost your knowledge game up a level. Each of these guides is designed to get as much important and relevant information across as quickly as possible, so you get to spend more time on the water!

Our comprehensive buying guides for kiteboarding equipment are designed to help you make informed choices and enhance your kiteboarding experience. From kites and boards to harnesses, wetsuits, and accessories, we've got you covered. Whether you're new to the sport and in need of expert advice or a seasoned enthusiast seeking the latest innovations, our guides provide valuable insights and recommendations.

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Wing Foil Board
Buyers Guide

It can be confusing with all the information about boards out there, here at S2AS we crafted this blog to guide you through your decision of which board is right for you and what to look for.

Wing Foil Wing's
Buyers Guide

Getting the right wing is vital for your progression through the sport. Check out this guide to help you decide what you are after.

Wing foil Foils
Buyers Guide

Don't know what size foil to get? This guide will help decide what is suited to you and what you need to get up and going on the water

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