Foil-winging packages

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      Winging Packages

      Take a look at our carefully curated Wing Packages, designed for every skill level, we stock a large range of products here at S2AS, so all of these packages can be carefully tailored to suit your capabilities and needs. S2AS stocks a variety of top brands including Cabrinha, Core kites, Airrush, North kites, Ocean Rodeo, Slingshot. 

      We can make a completely custom package, that is best suited to your needs and abilities. Give us a call on 01202 738448 to get you kitted out.

      Components commonly found in a wing package:

      1. Wing Foil Board: A dedicated wing foil board designed for optimal performance in wing foiling conditions. The size and shape of the board may vary based on the rider's skill level, weight, and preferences.

      2. Wing Foil: The handheld inflatable wing, a key component for harnessing wind power and propelling the rider. The wing's size and design can affect stability, maneuverability, and performance.

      3. Hydrofoil: The hydrofoil, consisting of a mast, fuselage, and wings, is responsible for lifting the board above the water. The size and shape of the foil wings play a crucial role in determining the foil's characteristics.

      4. Foot Straps or Pads: Some packages may include foot straps or pads that provide stability and control, allowing riders to secure their feet to the board during maneuvers.

      5. Accessories: Depending on the package, additional accessories such as a pump for inflating the wing, a carry bag for convenient transportation, and any necessary tools or maintenance equipment might be included.

      Advantages of Wing Packages:

      1. Convenience: Wing packages offer the convenience of having all the necessary components bundled together, saving riders the time and effort of selecting each item individually.

      2. Compatibility: Packages are often curated to ensure compatibility between the board, wing, and foil. This helps ensure that the components work seamlessly together for an optimal riding experience.

      3. Cost Savings: Purchasing a wing package can often be more cost effective than buying each component separately. This is particularly advantageous for beginners who may prefer an all-in-one solution.


      What components are typically included in a wing foil package?

      Wing foil packages commonly include a wing foil board, a handheld wing, a hydrofoil (including mast, fuselage, and wings), and often additional accessories such as foot straps or pads, a pump for inflating the wing, and a carry bag. The specific components can vary, but the aim is to provide riders with a comprehensive set of equipment needed for wing foiling.

      How do I choose the right wing foil package for my skill level?

      When selecting a wing foil package, consider your skill level, weight, and local wind conditions. Beginners may benefit from larger and more stable boards, while advanced riders might prefer smaller, more maneuverable options. Pay attention to the size of the wing, as larger wings provide more stability, while smaller wings offer increased agility for experienced riders.

      Are wing foil packages suitable for all water conditions?

      Wing foil packages are designed to be versatile and can be used in various water conditions. However, the choice of specific components, such as the size of the wing and foil, can influence their performance in different conditions. Larger wings may excel in lighter winds, while smaller wings are ideal for stronger winds. Consider your local water conditions and choose a package that aligns with your preferred riding environment.

      Can I upgrade individual components within a wing foil package?

      Yes, in many cases, individual components within a wing foil package can be upgraded based on your preferences and skill progression. For example, as you become more experienced, you may choose to upgrade to a smaller and more performance-oriented wing or hydrofoil. It's essential to ensure compatibility between the upgraded components and the existing ones, and consulting with experts or the retailer can guide you in making informed decisions.