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      Kitesurfing Bars & Lines

      The Kitesurfing Bar & Lines we stock are some of the safest available. As one of the leading kitesurf shops in the UK we only stock equipment from premium kitesurf brands that the S2AS team have personally tested to ensure you get the perfect match for your Kitesurfing Kites. Take a look at the kite systems from AirushCabrinha, Core, Flysurfer, North Kiteboarding, Ocean Rodeo, Peter Lynn, Slingshot and Xenon.

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      Master the art of kitesurfing with reliable bars and lines that offer precise control and seamless connection to your kite. At S2AS, the UK's premier kitesurf center, we present a carefully selected range of kitesurfing bars and lines from top brands. Dive into the key features, considerations, and our top recommendations to elevate your kitesurfing experience.

      Key Features of Kitesurfing Bars and Lines:

      1. Adjustable Bar Length:

        • Kitesurfing bars often come with adjustable lengths, allowing riders to customize the width of the bar. This feature enhances control and responsiveness based on personal preferences and riding conditions.
      2. Depower System:

        • The depower system enables riders to adjust the power of the kite easily. Look for bars with efficient and responsive depower mechanisms, providing control in varying wind conditions and during maneuvers.
      3. Safety Systems:

        • Bars feature safety systems designed to release the kite's power quickly in emergency situations. Understanding and practicing the use of these safety features is crucial for rider safety.
      4. Durable Lines:

        • High-quality lines are essential for kitesurfing bars. Durable materials, such as Dyneema, ensure strength and longevity, even when exposed to saltwater and the stresses of kitesurfing.

      Considerations When Choosing Kitesurfing Bars and Lines:

      1. Bar Length:

        • Choose a bar length that suits your riding style and kite size. Smaller bars offer quicker response, while longer bars provide additional leverage and control. Match the bar length to the specific requirements of your kite.
      2. Compatibility:

        • Ensure that the kitesurfing bar is compatible with your kite model. Different kites may require specific bar and line configurations, so check the manufacturer's recommendations for optimal performance.
      3. Safety Systems Understanding:

        • Familiarize yourself with the safety systems of the kitesurfing bar. Understanding how to activate the safety features and practicing their use is crucial for rider safety in challenging situations.

      Our Top Kitesurfing Bars and Lines Brands:

      1. Core Sensor 3s Pro 

        • The Core Sensor 3s Pro  Bar is renowned for its user-friendly design and reliable performance. With adjustable bar length and a smooth depower system, it caters to a wide range of riders and conditions.
      2. Cabrinha Overdrive Quickloop 1X Recoil Bar:

        • Cabrinha's Overdrive Quickloop 1X Recoil Bar offers a versatile and adjustable platform for kitesurfers. The Recoil system keeps the lines tangle-free, providing a hassle-free riding experience.


      Why is an adjustable bar length important in kitesurfing?

      Adjustable bar length allows riders to customize the width of the bar, providing control and responsiveness based on personal preferences and riding conditions. It also allows compatibility with different kite sizes.

      What safety features should I look for in kitesurfing bars?

      Key safety features include quick-release mechanisms and systems designed to depower the kite rapidly. Understanding how to activate these safety features is essential for rider safety in emergency situations.

      Can any kitesurfing bar be used with any kite?

      While some bars are designed to be versatile and compatible with various kite models, it's crucial to check the manufacturer's recommendations for your specific kite. Different kites may require specific bar and line configurations.

      How often should kitesurfing lines be replaced?

      Kitesurfing lines should be inspected regularly for signs of wear, such as fraying or damage. The frequency of replacement depends on usage and environmental conditions. Replace lines if any compromising issues are detected to ensure safety.

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