Kitesurfing lessons WITH S2AS

Kitesurf lessons with Surface 2 Air Sports. The best kitesurf school in the UK. We are a certified BKSA Kitesurfing Schools. We use only the latest Kitesurfing Equipment so that your learning experience is accelerated as much as possible. 

Our kitesurf instructors are the best in the industry, that can teach from beginner to professional kitesurfers.  

We know how important it is for you to have the best possible Kitesurfing lesson, which is why we will only teach in appropriate wind conditions. Cross onshore and below 30 mph/ 27 knots. Some Kitesurf schools bypass this rule to get you quickly through the lesson and sign you off. We will NOT do this, because we feel anytime you start to get nervous, your body starts to tense up and you stop learning. We want you to become very knowledgeable about Kitesurfing and become an excellent independent kitesurfer with S2AS. 

The same when it comes to little or no wind, again, we do not want you sitting on the beach getting a theory lesson, kitesurfing is all about practical experience. Kitesurfing is a hands-on sport, and our kitesurf lessons reflect this.

Get your Kitesurf lessons booked with S2AS, have some fun, and have the chance to learn the fastest growing watersport in the world!

We teach our Kitesurfing Lessons in one of the best Kitesurfing Spots in the UK, Poole Harbour. A super flat, no-surf lagoon, with waist-deep water, giving you the chance to progress rapidly. We offer a range of Kitesurf Lessons for all abilities, from a Full 2-Day Kitesurf Course to more tailored Private Kitesurf Lessons. Check out our range of Kitesurfing Lesson packages below!

frequently asked questions

Once all of these steps have been completed you will be a BKSA certified kitesurfer that able to control the kite safely and is able to ride on the board left and right, your S2AS instructor will give you a BKSA certification card to verify this. This certification is a world recognised, demonstrating that you are an independent and competent kitesurfer, enabling you to rent gear in the UK and abroad.

All equipment will be supplied by S2AS for the course.

This includes:

Wetsuit (you are welcome to use your own) Harness, Helmet, Floatation Vest, Trainer Kite, Kitesurf Kite, Kiteboard.

(you can bring your own wetsuit if you have one)

The only thing you need to bring is a change of dry clothing, swimwear, and a towel.

*If you already have your own kitesurf gear and you would like to use it in our lessons, please contact us first.

Wind conditions are always checked before lessons, and S2AS will confirm the status of your lesson at least 24 hours before the start.

If the wind doesn't allow us to teach a lesson, we will happily rebook you for another date of your choice, dependent on availability.

*We do not offer a refund on lessons cancelled due to wind conditions, however, the vouchers are valid for one year from date of purchase.

After you book a Kitesurfing Lesson with S2AS you will receive:

A Gift Voucher with a Lesson Number

A free Book (worth £20) to help your basic knowledge

10% off your Kitesurfing Equipment after your lesson.

We teach Kitesurfing 7 days a week between April-September So just give us a call to book your time slot - 01202 738448

Any questions on Kitesurf lessons?

Drop us an email with any questions you may have and we will get back to you.

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Lessons from glenn have been top notch! i only completed private lessons and the service was as good as i expected now im up kitesurfing and enjoying the ride!

Chris Spooner

Saw this amzing sport at the beach and i just had to give it a go. S2AS were amazing and had me up and riding on day 2. After buying my equipment from them i have never looked back! thanks guys!

Dale Senior
Poole, Dorset

I booked a full 2 day course, so much cheaper than the other companys around Poole. 5 stars great experiance.

Jim wells

my Wife and I completed a 2 day course with the guys at S2AS we loved it!

Sam Philips

5 star service from Glenn i was so nervous and he made me feel very safe and was so understanding of my slow pace. Allready booked my day 2 lessons.

Jill Franklyn