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      Here at Surface2Air, We have a huge stock of Inflatable Paddle boards (SUP) in stock From some of the Worlds best brands like Jobe, Brunotti Paddle boards to name just two.

       you out for sure. Call us on 01202 738448 to get the low down on what  SUP would be best for you. We will run you through the pro's and con's of both the Hard Paddle boards and the Inflatable Paddle boards to help find out what is best for you.

      Dive into the world of paddleboarding with our comprehensive guide, featuring key considerations, top recommendations, and everything you need to know to make the most of your water escapades.

      Key Paddleboard Categories:

      1. All-Around Paddleboards:

        • Versatile and ideal for beginners, all-around paddleboards provide stability and ease of use. Perfect for various water conditions, these boards are suitable for recreational paddling, yoga, and more.
      2. Touring Paddleboards:

        • Designed for longer distances and exploration, touring paddleboards offer efficiency and speed on the water. With a more streamlined shape, they are suitable for paddlers seeking extended journeys and scenic tours.
      3. Inflatable Paddleboards:

        • Convenient for storage and transport, inflatable paddleboards are versatile and easily inflatable, providing a stable and rigid platform for paddling. Great for those with limited storage space or those who want portability.
      4. Surf Paddleboards:

        • Tailored for riders who want to catch waves, surf paddleboards have a more maneuverable design, allowing for agile turns and control in varying wave conditions. Perfect for riders with a background in surfing or those looking to try wave riding.

      Considerations When Choosing Paddleboards:

      1. Board Size and Volume:

        • Consider your weight and experience level when selecting a paddleboard. Larger boards with higher volume provide more stability for beginners, while experienced paddlers may opt for smaller, more maneuverable options.
      2. Board Shape and Design:

        • Different board shapes cater to specific activities. All-around boards have a wider and more stable design, while touring boards have a sleeker shape for increased speed. Choose a design that aligns with your paddling goals.
      3. Materials:

        • Paddleboards come in various materials, including epoxy, fiberglass, and inflatable options. Epoxy and fiberglass boards offer rigidity and performance, while inflatable boards provide portability and easy storage.
      4. Fin Setup:

        • The number and configuration of fins impact the board's stability and maneuverability. Single fins are common for all-around boards, while multiple fins or a thruster setup enhance control for surfing.


      Can I use an inflatable paddleboard for surfing?

      While inflatable paddleboards are versatile and suitable for various activities, including recreational paddling and touring, they may not provide the same level of maneuverability as specialized surf paddleboards. Surf-specific boards are designed for optimal performance in wave conditions.

      What's the difference between hard and inflatable paddleboards?

      Hard paddleboards, typically made of epoxy or fiberglass, offer better performance and rigidity. Inflatable paddleboards provide portability and convenience, making them suitable for those with limited storage or frequent travelers.

      How do I choose the right size paddleboard for my weight and skill level?

      Consider your weight and experience level when choosing a paddleboard. Beginners may benefit from larger, more stable boards, while experienced paddlers can opt for smaller, more maneuverable options. Consult with experts or guides to ensure the right fit.

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