Kitesurfing training and power kites


      Kitesurfing Training and Power Kites

      Here at S2AS one of the UK's leading Kitesurf centres, we stock a huge range of kitesurfing training kites from a variety of top brands including Flysurfer, Peter Lynn and Ocean Rodeo. Have a look, down below we've listed our premium brand training and power kites. All Kites available at and if you have any further questions please don't hesitate and give us a call on 01202 738448!

      Are you ready to embark on your kitesurfing journey? Trainer kites are your perfect introduction to the world of kitesurfing, providing a safe and controlled environment for beginners to learn the basics of kite control. At S2AS, the UK's premier kitesurf center, we offer a range of high-quality trainer kites designed to help you build the fundamental skills needed for kitesurfing. Let's explore the key characteristics of trainer kites and why they are an essential tool for beginners.

      Key Characteristics of Trainer Kites:

      1. Controlled Power: Trainer kites are designed to provide controlled power, allowing beginners to experience the feel of kite control without the intensity of larger kites. This controlled power helps build confidence and foundational skills.

      2. Ease of Use: Trainer kites are user-friendly, featuring simplified designs and setups. They are easy to launch, land, and maneuver, making them ideal for those new to kitesurfing.

      3. Safety Features: Trainer kites often incorporate safety features such as depower systems and simple bridle setups. These features enhance safety for beginners and help prevent overpowering situations.

      4. Durable Construction: Built to withstand the learning curve, trainer kites are constructed with durable materials. Reinforced seams and sturdy lines ensure longevity, even during the initial stages of learning.

      Considerations When Choosing a Trainer Kite:

      1. Size: Selecting the appropriate size of a trainer kite depends on factors such as your weight, local wind conditions, and personal preferences. Smaller sizes are suitable for stronger winds, while larger sizes offer stability in lighter winds.

      2. Safety Features: Check for safety features such as a reliable depower system and a straightforward bridle setup. These features contribute to a safe learning environment and help prevent accidents.

      3. Ease of Control: Choose a trainer kite that offers ease of control. Responsive handling and predictable flight characteristics will enhance your learning experience and set a solid foundation for future kitesurfing endeavors.

      4. Wind Range: Consider the wind range of the trainer kite to ensure it aligns with the typical wind conditions in your learning area. A versatile trainer kite that performs well in various wind strengths provides a more comprehensive learning experience.

      Our Brands:

      1. HQ Rush Trainer Kite - Learn with Confidence:

        • Controlled Power: The HQ Rush Trainer Kite provides controlled power, allowing beginners to learn kite control with confidence.
        • Safety Features: Equipped with safety features, including a reliable depower system, to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning experience.
      2. Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer Kite - Simplified Learning:

        • Ease of Use: The Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer Kite is designed for ease of use, featuring a simplified setup for beginners to grasp kite control effortlessly.
        • Durable Construction: Built with durability in mind, the Uniq Trainer Kite withstands the learning process while maintaining reliable performance.
      3. Flexifoil Control 3.3 Trainer Kite - Progressive Learning:

        • Progressive Learning: The Flexifoil Control 3.3 Trainer Kite offers a progressive learning experience, allowing beginners to advance their skills with each session.
        • Versatile Wind Range: Suited for a versatile wind range, providing adaptability to different wind conditions for uninterrupted learning.


      Why is a trainer kite essential for beginners in kitesurfing?

      A trainer kite is essential for beginners as it provides a safe and controlled introduction to kite control. It allows beginners to build confidence, understand wind dynamics, and develop the foundational skills needed for kitesurfing.

      Can a trainer kite be used for other styles of kitesurfing once the basics are learned?

      While trainer kites are primarily designed for learning basic kite control, they may lack the features required for more advanced kitesurfing styles. Once basic skills are mastered, transitioning to larger kites designed for specific styles is recommended.

      What size of trainer kite is suitable for beginners?

      The size of a trainer kite suitable for beginners depends on factors such as the individual's weight and local wind conditions. Smaller sizes (around 2-4 square meters) are often suitable for beginners, providing manageable power and control.

      How do safety features contribute to a positive learning experience with a trainer kite?

      Safety features such as a reliable depower system and simple bridle setups contribute to a positive learning experience by preventing overpowering situations and ensuring that beginners can focus on building skills without unnecessary risks.