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      Here at S2AS We stock an extensive range of Kitesurfing Equipment. We are based in the UKand stock a broad range of Kiteboards,  Harnesses,  KitesKiteboard Bags. We even do Lessons in Poole, Dorset one of the best places to learn in the UK. S2AS supplies leading Kitesurfing Brands such as AirushCabrinhaOcean RodeoCore Kites and Xenon Kiteboards  to name a few. Surface 2 Air Sports is a lifestyle brand. Offering the best Kitesurfing Experience in the UK. With a big hand from our BKSA Qualified kitesurf Instructors offering Kitesurfing Lessons. Here at S2AS, we're also the most stocked Shop in the UK, maybe even Europe, with over 100 Kites and 150 Kite boards in stock at any time in the summer months. Every member of our team rides our kite  Rider Owned Rider Run Company. For any more information or any questions call the S2AS team on 01202 738448. 

      Key Elements of Kitesurfing:

      1. The Kite: At the heart of kitesurfing is the kite itself, a specialized controllable power kite designed to catch the wind and generate lift. Kites come in various shapes and sizes, each catering to different wind conditions and skill levels. The rider uses a control bar to manipulate the kite, determining speed, direction, and altitude.

      2. The Board: Riders glide across the water on a kitesurfing board, similar in design to a wakeboard or a small surfboard. The board provides stability and is essential for executing maneuvers, jumps, and riding waves.

      3. The Harness: Kitesurfers wear a harness that attaches them to the control bar, distributing the force of the kite and allowing for greater control without excessive strain on the arms. The harness enables riders to focus on board control and aerial maneuvers.

      4. Wind Conditions: Kitesurfing is highly dependent on wind conditions, making it essential for riders to choose the right kite size based on the wind speed. From light breezes to stronger gusts, adapting to varying wind conditions is part of the challenge and excitement of kitesurfing.

      The Kitesurfing Experience:

      • Thrilling Rides: Feel the rush as the wind catches your kite, propelling you forward and allowing you to ride waves or perform breathtaking jumps. The combination of wind and water creates a sense of speed and freedom unmatched in many other water sports.

      • Versatility: Kitesurfing offers versatility, allowing riders to choose between freestyle tricks, wave riding, and high-speed racing. The sport accommodates various skill levels, from beginners mastering the basics to advanced riders pushing the limits of aerial acrobatics.

      • Connection with Nature: Kitesurfing is a harmonious dance with the elements, connecting riders to the natural forces of wind and water. The vast open spaces of the ocean or expansive lakes become the canvas for riders to express themselves through the fluid motions of kitesurfing.

      Safety and Learning:

      • Professional Instruction: Beginners are encouraged to take lessons from certified instructors to ensure a safe and enjoyable introduction to kitesurfing. Learning proper techniques, safety measures, and understanding wind dynamics are essential for a successful kitesurfing experience.

      • Safety Gear: Kitesurfers use safety gear, including helmets, life vests, and, in some cases, impact vests. Understanding safety protocols, including quick-release mechanisms, contributes to a secure and responsible kitesurfing practice.

      Our Brands

      1. Core Kites: Unleash the Power of Innovation

      Key Features:

      • Core Nexus and GTS Series: Core is synonymous with innovation, and their kites, such as the Nexus and GTS series, embody this ethos. The Nexus offers versatility and user-friendly performance, making it ideal for riders of all levels. The GTS series, on the other hand, caters to advanced riders with its focus on aggressive freestyle and powerful boosts.

      • Sensor 3 Bar: Core's Sensor 3 Bar is a technological marvel, featuring precise control, a lightweight design, and an intuitive setup. The innovative titanium core ensures durability, while the ergonomic grip enhances rider comfort and responsiveness.

      2. Cabrinha: Pioneering Performance and Style

      Key Features:

      • Cabrinha Switchblade: The Cabrinha Switchblade is an iconic kite known for its exceptional performance across various disciplines. With an emphasis on user-friendly characteristics and consistent power delivery, the Switchblade is a go-to choice for riders seeking reliability and versatility.

      • Fireball System: Cabrinha's Fireball system redefines the connection between the rider and the kite. Offering enhanced freedom of movement, intuitive control, and a clean, minimalist design, the Fireball system sets Cabrinha apart in the kitesurfing realm.

      3. Slingshot Sports: Where Innovation Takes Flight

      Key Features:

      • Slingshot RPM: The Slingshot RPM is a high-performance kite renowned for its unmatched freestyle capabilities. Whether you're into unhooked tricks, mega loops, or kite loops, the RPM delivers explosive power and responsiveness.

      • Compstick Guardian Bar: Slingshot's Compstick Guardian Bar ensures precise kite control and safety. With features like the below-the-bar depower, the Guardian Bar empowers riders to fine-tune their kite's performance and react swiftly to changing conditions.

      4. Ocean Rodeo: Conquering the Elements

      Key Features:

      • Roam Series: Ocean Rodeo's Roam series is designed for wave enthusiasts, offering superb drift and responsive turning. With its focus on wave riding, the Roam excels in cross-shore conditions, making it a favorite among surf-oriented kitesurfers.

      • Shift Bar: The Shift Bar by Ocean Rodeo allows seamless adjustment between three different bar lengths, catering to various riding styles and conditions. Its innovative features, such as the 'Direct De-power' system, contribute to a reliable and efficient kitesurfing experience.

      5. Xenon: Craftsmanship for Freestyle Mastery

      Key Features:

      • Laluz and Rayo Kites: Xenon's Laluz and Rayo kites are designed for freestyle enthusiasts, offering explosive pop and precise control. These kites enable riders to push their limits in the realm of aerial maneuvers and unhooked tricks.

      • Carbon Fiber Boards: Xenon's commitment to craftsmanship extends to their kiteboards, with a range of carbon fiber boards designed for performance and durability. The boards cater to different riding styles, ensuring riders find the perfect match for their preferences.


      What is the ideal wind speed for kitesurfing, and can I kitesurf in various wind conditions?

      Kitesurfing is typically enjoyed in wind speeds ranging from 10 to 25 knots (18 to 46 km/h or 11 to 29 mph). However, the ideal wind speed depends on factors such as your skill level, the type of kite, and the board size. Beginners often prefer lighter winds, while more advanced riders can handle stronger gusts. It's crucial to match your equipment to the prevailing wind conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

      How long does it take to learn kitesurfing, and do I need prior experience in other water sports?

      The learning curve for kitesurfing varies among individuals, but many people can achieve basic proficiency within a week of dedicated lessons. Previous experience in water sports like windsurfing or wakeboarding may provide a slight advantage, but it's not a prerequisite. Professional instruction is highly recommended for learning the basics, safety protocols, and kite control. Patience and consistent practice are key elements in progressing from beginner to advanced levels.

      Is kitesurfing a dangerous sport, and what safety measures should I follow?

      While kitesurfing is an exhilarating sport, safety is paramount. With proper instruction and adherence to safety guidelines, the risks can be significantly minimized. Always wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet and life jacket. If you learn and practice the use of safety release systems on your kite. Avoid crowded areas, respect right of way rules, and be aware of weather conditions. Taking lessons from certified instructors and regularly updating your skills contribute to a safer kitesurfing experience.

      Can I kitesurf anywhere, or are there specific locations for the sport?

      Kitesurfing can be enjoyed in various locations, including oceans, lakes, and large bodies of water with consistent winds. However, it's essential to be aware of local regulations, restrictions, and designated kitesurfing areas. Some places may have specific rules to ensure the safety of both kitesurfers and other beachgoers. Before heading to a new location, it's advisable to check local guidelines, wind conditions, and any potential hazards to ensure a smooth and enjoyable kitesurfing session.



      At S2AS, we only stock the brands that we have tested and fully believe in their high quality, like 

      CabrinhaXenonOcean RodeoBrunottiMysticCore Kites,

      and many more! We can bring you the best equipment, so you have the best session every time you hit the water!
      We offer the latest Kites, kitesurfing bars, kiteboards, kitesurfing harnesses, Helmets, kitesurf, travel board bags, impact vests and accessories for all sizes, abilities and wind ranges

      Kitesurfing is growing as a watersport every year, becoming more accessible and affordable as the years go on. For these reasons alone, more people are deciding to take up kitesurfing, which is what we like to see. Having the correct kitesurfing equipment for your ability level can rapidly improve your progression learning curve, leading to you getting more and more stoked every time you hit the water. We stock the broadest range of Kitesurfing Equipment, including everything you need to get on the water. From beginners looking for their first Kitesurfing setup to Advanced Riders looking for some more performance out of their riding.   

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