Freestyle kites


      Freestyle Kites

      Want to try Loops and unhooking? you need a freestyle kite, These kites will help you progress your loops and handle passes. Freestyle are fast and agile allowing you to perfect your moves. Here at S2AS one of the UK's leading Kitesurf centres, we stock a huge range of kitesurfing kites from a variety of top brands including Cabrinha Kitesurf KitesCore Kitesurf KitesOcean Rodeo KitesSlingshot Kitesurf Kites.

      About Freestyle Kites 

      Crafted for riders who seek explosive pop, rapid turns, and precise control, these kites are designed to unleash a symphony of tricks, spins, and flips with unmatched style. At S2AS, the UK's premier kitesurf center, we proudly stock an extensive range of from leading brands such as Cabrinha, Core, Ocean Rodeo, and Slingshot. Let's delve into the world of freestyle and explore the key characteristics that make them essential for riders who crave the thrill of pushing their skills to the limit.

      Key Characteristics of Freestyle Kites:

      1. Explosive Pop: Freestyle kites are engineered to provide an explosive pop, launching riders to impressive heights for executing aerial maneuvers. This feature ensures you have the necessary lift and hangtime to showcase your tricks with flair.

      2. Responsive Turning: Quick and responsive turning is a hallmark of freestyle kites. The ability to pivot rapidly enables riders to navigate through intricate trick sequences with precision, offering a dynamic and agile experience in the air.

      3. Consistent Power Delivery: A consistent power delivery is crucial for maintaining control during freestyle tricks. These kites are designed to deliver power predictably, allowing riders to execute tricks with confidence and finesse.

      4. Optimized for Unhooked Tricks: Tailored for unhooked freestyle, these kites excel in providing the slack line feel essential for landing handle-passes and technical tricks. The direct and predictable handling enhances the overall freestyle experience.

      Considerations When Choosing a Freestyle Kite:

      1. Size: Selecting the appropriate size of a freestyle kite depends on factors such as rider weight, skill level, and prevailing wind conditions. Smaller sizes offer more control in stronger winds, while larger sizes provide increased power in lighter winds.

      2. Turning Speed: These kites should offer quick and responsive turning to allow riders to navigate the dynamic nature of tricks. The turning speed contributes to the kite's agility and responsiveness  in the air.

      3. Depower System: A reliable depower system is crucial for safety and control during freestyle maneuvers. Ensure the free style kite you choose has an effective depower mechanism that allows you to manage power easily during tricks.

      4. Construction Durability: Free style kites undergo intense movements and occasional crashes. Durable construction, reinforced struts, and advanced materials contribute to a kite's ability to withstand the rigors of freestyle sessions.

      Our Brands:

      1. Core Impact - Precision for Freestyle Prowess:

        • Instant Depower: The Core Impact is recognized for its instant depower capability, crucial for adjusting power during critical freestyle moments.
        • Direct and Predictable: Celebrated for its direct and predictable handling, empowering riders to execute tricks with confidence.
      2. Cabrinha FX - Mastering the Art of Aerials:

        • Explosive Pop: The Cabrinha FX is renowned for its explosive pop, providing the lift and hangtime essential for showcasing aerial maneuvers.
        • Versatile Performance: Designed for versatile freestyle performance, excelling in both hooked and unhooked trick execution.
      3. Slingshot RPM - Pushing the Freestyle Envelope:

        • Extensive Depower: The Slingshot RPM offers extensive depower, allowing riders to adjust power dynamically for a variety of freestyle tricks.
        • Responsive Bar Feel: The RPM provides a responsive bar feel, offering real-time feedback for enhanced control during complex maneuvers.
      4. Ocean Rodeo Razor - Thrive in Freestyle Precision:

        • Direct and Responsive: The Ocean Rodeo Razor is designed to be direct and responsive, providing precise control for freestyle riders.
        • Enhanced Drift: Emphasizing enhanced drift, the Razor stays stable and controlled during freestyle tricks.


      What distinguishes freestyle kites from other types of kites?

      Freestyle kites are specifically designed for riders who prioritize explosive pop, responsive turning, and consistent power delivery. They excel in unhooked tricks and offer direct, predictable handling for precise control.

      Can freestyle kites be used for other styles of kitesurfing?

      While freestyle kites are optimized for freestyle riding, many models offer versatility for freeride and occasional wave riding. Riders often adapt their freestyle kites based on personal preferences and the conditions they encounter.

      What size of freestyle kite is suitable for different skill levels?

      The appropriate size of a freestyle kite depends on factors such as rider weight, skill level, and local wind conditions. Beginners may start with smaller sizes for control, while advanced riders often use larger kites for increased power during tricks.

      How important is the kite's construction in freestyle performance?

      The construction of a freestyle kite is crucial for durability, stability, and overall performance. Features such as reinforced struts, durable materials, and advanced shaping technologies contribute to a kite's ability to withstand the demands of freestyle riding and deliver consistent performance over time.