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      Wetsuit Boots

      We stock a large range of wetsuit boots from high-quality brands such as O'Neill, Mystic and Atan. All of the listed brands provide wetsuit boots of different styles and sizes to suit anyone's taste, the two types of wetsuit boot are separated into separate toe or not and this is completely personal preference. All of the wetsuitboots that we stock have been designed to be as thin as possible to still provide protection but to not be a hindrance to any of your sporting moves, this has been achieved by a number of features such as glued and blind stitched which is where the panel is glued and then only stitched halfway through to make the seams waterproof, extremelydurablefluidfoamneoprene, flexlockstitching and tapeadding to the critical areas of the boots for extra strength.

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      Why are wetsuit boots important for water activities?

      Wetsuit boots provide insulation and protection for the feet in cold water, preventing heat loss and ensuring comfort during various water sports.

      How do I choose the right thickness for wetsuit boots?

      The thickness of wetsuit boots depends on the water temperature. Thicker boots, such as 5mm to 7mm, are suitable for colder conditions, while thinner options like 3mm can be used in milder temperatures.

      Can I use any wetsuit boots with my existing wetsuit?

      Generally, you can mix and match wetsuit boots with different brands. However, ensure compatibility in terms of sizing, and consider matching the thickness and material of the boots with your existing wetsuit for optimal performance.

      How should I care for and clean my wetsuit boots?

      Rinse the boots with fresh water after each use to remove salt and sand. Allow them to air dry thoroughly before storage, and avoid direct sunlight to prevent damage. Regularly check for any signs of wear and tear, and ensure they are completely dry before storing them.