ThirtyTwo was formed by riders for riders Just like us here at S2AS. A major player in the snowboard boot game, Thirtytwo is constantly making innovations in technology, performance and comfort. With an amazing rota of pro-Snowboarders that have direct communication into the development of all Thirtytwo products, which results in designs specific to performance and core construction without any frivolous extras. Being part of a larger action sport footwear family (Etnies) allows Thirtytwo to have access to research and development of the Sole Technology Institute a state of the art facility that conducts biomechanical shoe research specific to skate and snow, keeping the brand at the forefront of the Snowboard scene. Innovations such as being the first brand to introduce intuition foam into a Snowboard boot, allow's ThirtyTwo to make the world's most popular boot the ThirtyTwo Lashed, available at S2AS!


Thirty Two has been making snowboard boots and outerwear since their establishment in 1995. Created by snowboarders for snowboarders and they have been since day one. Thirty Two has been a leader in the snowboard boot market, pushing out never before seen innovations in technology, performance and comfort. They also use Eco-friendly material to help look after the environment.

Thirtytwo are also amazing because of the range of styles, flexes and intuition liners. They produce laced, single BOA and double BOA fastening systems to ensure you get the most comfortable ad fine tuned fit. Another way you are able to acces more comfort and fine tune of a fit would actuallly be with the intuition liner that ThirtyTwo produce, enabling the liner to be custom moulded to your foot which is a game changing experience once o the mountain and youre riding.

The built in forward lean in the boot is great whilst youre riding, it make sure your knees are bent and initialey makes your ride a lot more forgiving.

thirtytwo snow wear

ThityTwo have a lot to offer when it comes to staying dry and warm in extreeme conditions, but are also brilliant for lifestyle, everyday clothing.

Gore-Tex, famously marketed as “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry”. Gore-Tex is waterproof and windproof. The microscopic pores of a Gore-Tex membrane are approximately 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, meaning no water can pass through fabrics bonded with the membrane.

Gore-Tex is not used on all ThirtyTwo Clothing but it is used on tha majority.