Kite surfboards


      Kite surfboards

      Here at S2AS in the kitesurf centre in Poole, we stock a large range of kite surfboards from top brands including Airush, CabrinhaCore, North, Ocean Rodeo, Slingshot and Shinn all offering high-quality, dedicated Kite Surfboards. These Surfboards perform much better in lighter winds than twin tips, excelling in wave riding as well. All of the Kite Surfboards that we stock contain EPS High Density Pressurised Cores, with the addition of Full Deck Pads, to keep your feet on the deck, instead of in the water. If you need any more info on our Kite Surfboards, give us a call on 01202 738448, we'd be more than happy to help!

      Embark on an exhilarating kitesurfing journey with surfboards tailored to conquer the waves. Additionally, at S2AS, the UK's premier kitesurf center, we present a curated selection of surfboards designed for riders seeking the ultimate wave-riding experience. Moreover, dive into the key characteristics and considerations that make surfboards the ideal choice for those who crave stylish maneuvers on the water.

      Key Characteristics of Kitesurfing Surfboards:

      1. Directional Shape:

        • Surfboards feature a directional shape that emphasizes a specific riding direction, enhancing their ability to navigate and carve through waves with precision and style. This design optimizes performance for wave mastery.
      2. Wave Riding Performance:

        • Specialized for wave riding conditions, surfboards excel in harnessing the power of ocean waves. Their responsive design allows riders to perform stylish turns, cutbacks, and bottom turns.
      3. Maneuverability:

        • Surfboards, with their focus on maneuverability, allow riders to effortlessly navigate the dynamic nature of waves. They are perfect for executing graceful turns and riding the wave's face, embodying the true essence of kitesurfing.

      Considerations When Choosing a Kitesurfing Surfboard:

      1. Size:

        • The size of the surfboard plays a crucial role in performance. Smaller sizes enhance maneuverability and are suitable for more experienced riders, while larger sizes provide stability and control, ideal for beginners or those seeking a cruisier ride.
      2. Tail Design:

        • Different tail designs influence the surfboard's performance. Round tails offer more stability and control, while pintails provide a tighter turning radius, enhancing maneuverability in larger waves.
      3. Volume:

        • Consider the volume of the surfboard in relation to your skill level and local wave conditions. Higher volume boards are more forgiving and buoyant, making them suitable for beginners or smaller waves.
      4. Construction Materials:

        • Surfboards, made from materials like foam, fiberglass, and epoxy, have their weight, durability, and responsiveness influenced by these materials. This ensures they meet the demands of wave riding effectively.

      Our Top Kitesurfing Surfboard Brands:

      1. Core Ripper:

        • The Core Ripper surfboard is designed for riders seeking an exciting wave-riding experience. With a directional shape, stylish graphics, and versatile performance, it's an ideal choice for kitesurfers who love the waves.
      2. Cabrinha Cutlass:

        • The Cabrinha Cutlass surfboard, designed for kitesurfers, offers control and finesse in wave riding. Moreover, its innovative design and construction stand out, making it an excellent choice for various wave conditions.


      What distinguishes kitesurfing surfboards from other types of kiteboards?

      Surfboards are specifically designed for wave riding, featuring a directional shape optimized for carving through waves. Their emphasis on maneuverability and responsiveness sets them apart from twintip and foil boards.

      Can kitesurfing surfboards be used in flatwater conditions?

      While surfboards are optimized for wave riding, skilled riders can adapt their technique for flatwater conditions. However, they may not perform as efficiently as twintip boards in such settings.

      Are surfboards suitable for beginners in kitesurfing?

      Surfboards can be challenging for beginners due to their directional design. However, larger and more stable surfboards with higher volume are more forgiving and suitable for those learning the basics.

        How does the tail design of a surfboard impact its performance?

        The tail design significantly affects a surfboard's turning characteristics; round tails ensure stability and control. Conversely, pintails facilitate a tighter turning radius, boosting maneuverability, particularly in larger waves, thus tailoring the board's performance to specific wave conditions.