Foil kites


      Foiling Kites

      Want to get foiling? Foiling Kites are much lighter and less powerful than traditional kites allowing you to utilise most of the kite. Foiling Kites also sit further forward in the wind window so you don't overfly them. Check out S2AS's full range.

      About foiling kites

      Engineers designed these for riders seeking smooth power delivery, superior stability, and straightforward control to enhance your foiling experience. At S2AS, the UK's premier kitesurf center, we proudly offer an extensive range of  kites from top brands such as Cabrinha, Core, Ocean Rodeo, and Slingshot. Let's delve into the world of kites and explore the key characteristics that make them essential for riders who crave the thrill of Kite.

      Key Characteristics of Foils Kites:

      1. Efficient Power Delivery:  These kites are engineered for efficient power delivery, providing a smooth and constant pull that is ideal for foiling. The seamless power transition contributes to a stable and controlled ride, enhancing the overall foiling experience.

      2. Stability in the Air: Exceptional stability is a hallmark of foil kites. Designed to remain steady in the air, these kites minimize unwanted movements, allowing foilers to glide effortlessly above the water with minimal input.

      3. Lightwind Performance: Foils kites excel in lightwind conditions, making them the perfect choice for foilers seeking to maximize their time on the water. The ability to generate power efficiently in low wind speeds extends the foiling possibilities to a broader range of conditions.

      4. Quick and Responsive Handling: Quick and responsive handling is essential for foiling, and foilkites are tailored to provide just that. Their nimble nature allows riders to make precise adjustments and maneuvers, ensuring an agile and dynamic foiling experience.

      Considerations When Choosing a Foil Kite:</strong>

      1. Size: Selecting the appropriate size of a foil kite depends on factors such as rider weight, skill level, and wind conditions. Foilkites come in various sizes to accommodate different wind ranges, ensuring optimal performance in diverse foiling conditions.

      2. Stability in Lightwind: For foilers who prioritize lightwind performance, assessing a foil kite's stability in low wind conditions is crucial. A stable kite ensures consistent power generation even when the wind is minimal.

      Foil Design Compatibility: Consider the compatibility of the foil kite with your specific foiling setup. Designers often create kites to complement foilboards and hydrofoils, enhancing the synergy between the kite and the foiling equipment.

      4. Construction Durability: Foil kites should be durable to withstand the unique demands of foiling. Reinforced seams, high-quality materials, and advanced construction techniques contribute to the longevity and reliability.

      Our Brands:

      1. Core Xlite:

        • Effortless Power Delivery: The Core Free is designed for efficient power delivery, allowing riders to glide effortlessly above the water with minimal drag.
        • Lightwind Performance: Exceptional lightwind performance extends the foiling possibilities, ensuring an enjoyable experience even in marginal wind conditions.
      2. Cabrinha Contra:

        • Stability in Low Wind: The Cabrinha Contra is renowned for its stability in low wind conditions, making it an ideal choice for foilers seeking extended sessions in light breezes.
        • Versatile Size Range: Available in a versatile size range, the Contra caters to a variety of rider preferences and wind conditions.
      3. Slingshot Ghost:

        • Quick and Responsive Handling: The Slingshot Ghost offers quick and responsive handling, allowing foilers to make precise adjustments and maneuvers with ease.
        • Durable Construction: Built with durability in mind, the Ghost ensures reliable performance and longevity, even in challenging foiling conditions.
      4. Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam:

        • Efficient Power Transition: The Aluula Roam redefines efficiency with seamless power transition, providing a constant pull that enhances control and stability during foiling.
        • Advanced Aluula Construction: Utilizing advanced Aluula construction, the Roam combines lightweight design with robust durability for an unparalleled foiling experience.


      Why distinguish foil kites from other types of kites, and why are they essential for foiling?

      Kites are specifically designed for foiling, offering efficient power delivery, exceptional stability, and quick, responsive handling. These characteristics enhance the overall foiling experience, providing riders with precision and control.

      Can foilkites be used for other styles of kitesurfing, or are they exclusively for foiling.

      While foilkites are optimized for foiling, some riders may adapt them for lightwind performance in other kitesurfing disciplines. However, their design and features are tailored to maximize efficiency and stability during foiling.

      How does the size of a foil kite impact its performance in different wind conditions?

      The size of a foil kite significantly influences its performance in various wind conditions. Smaller sizes are suitable for stronger winds, providing control and efficiency. Larger sizes excel in lightwind conditions, ensuring consistent power generation for extended foiling sessions.

      Are foilkites suitable for riders of all skill levels, including beginners?

      Foil kites can be suitable for riders of all skill levels, depending on the specific model and size chosen. However, freeride or wave kites are generally better suited to people