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      Wash Bags

      A huge selection of Wash Bags from top brands! Whether you a going for a weekend getaway or travelling around the world S2AS stocks a variety of different Wash Bags that are available in many different sizes to accommodate your luggage allowance. Individual feature points such as zippered pockets, built-in mirrors, waterproof pouches and so much more...


      What features should I consider when choosing a washbag for travel or everyday use?

      When selecting a washbag, consider features such as size, organization, and durability. Choose a size that accommodates your toiletries without being too bulky. Multiple compartments or pockets help keep items organized, and a durable, water-resistant material ensures longevity. Look for features like hanging hooks for convenience during travel.

      How do I determine the appropriate size of a washbag for my travel needs?

      The size of a washbag depends on the duration of your trip and the number of toiletries you need to carry. For short trips, a compact washbag may suffice, while longer journeys may require a larger one with additional compartments for better organization. Consider the dimensions of the bag and the specific toiletries you plan to bring to ensure a proper fit.