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Mystic creates a range of equipment that embraces modern technology and durability, allowing riders to break all existing boundaries. Over the last 20 years, They’ve sealed our reputation as an industry-leading name by introducing the latest innovations into our products, ensuring they are top-of-the-line and built to last.

Mystic is headquartered smack-dab in the middle of the Netherlands’ windswept coastline, in Katwijk aan Zee. The Netherlands has produced an extraordinary percentage of the world’s best kiteboarders. But years after the sport had surged Dutch waters, riders still weren’t using gear specifically made for kiteboarding. Pro kiters were flying higher and further than ever before, without the right lifelines to match their wild ambitions.

Max Blom Jr was interning at Maui Magic, a Dutch windsurfing accessories brand. Together with the product team, he took on the task of building a new range of products for kiteboarding. But when the first products turned out to be more extremely styled than anything else on the market, it quickly turned into working on a whole brand of its own. With roots in sailing and surf, Max officially co-founded Mystic in 2002 with the mission of creating durable waterwear and accessories for kiteboarders across the globe. By the time he signed Ruben Lenten and Youri Zoon as the first team riders, Mystic took off.

"Water challenges us to step outof our comfort zone ­– and evolve.”

What began as a rebellion of kite culture 20 years ago has turned into reinventing the experience for most of the water world. Today, Mystic makes up a diverse alliance of kiteboarders, windsurfers, wakeboarders, and surfers hailing from all corners of the world.

 Mystic has helped shaped some of the most insane riders–and they are the backbone to our most iconic products. By combining the expertise of our riders and our spirit of innovation, we’ve pushed the evolution of water sports at all-or-nothing events, including Red Bull’s legendary KOTA.

With two decades of trailblazing under our belt, our focus is to create a range of equipment that embraces modern technology, sustainability, and durability. We ensure this by putting our products through continual testing–with our riders, as well as here in the North Sea. In doing so we bring inspiration to every action watersport athlete in the world and continue to break new ground.

mystic next

To be able to do what we love, we need gear. At Mystic we are well aware of the fact that producing gear impacts our planet. The Mystic Next project focuses on using eco-friendly shipping materials, reducing plastic outputs in packaging, biodegradable wetsuit bags, and incorporating organic cotton into our production line.

We strive towards a more sustainable world in which we can live in harmony with the environment, while still being able to do what we love. It’s a small step but definitely directed towards a future that’s more sustainable.

Hey, we get it.

Wetsuits aren’t the most sustainable products on this planet. This year we’re making our wetsuits more eco-friendly by incorporating Yamamoto #39 into our wetsuits, Yamamoto’s most-used limestone rubber. While it still takes a lot of energy to process limestone for wetsuit production, Yamamoto limestone is excavated in Osaka’s quarries and processed on-site. Waste energy is used to power local eel farms, making the most out of all resources and downsizing their eco-footprint.

"At Mystic we’re trying our best to make a difference."

Limestone neoprene gets produced in sheets of rubber. Because of the high demand for the outer smooth layers of these sheets for triathlon wetsuits, we’ve decided to go for the middle layers reducing neoprene waste big time.

This results in a new line of neoprene that’s known for high stretch and top-notch insulation. We’re very happy to welcome it into our production process and can’t wait for you to try it out.

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Eco-friendly Materials

We improve our products' sustainability by incorporating new or recycled materials with a lower environmental impact. We already use organic cotton in our apparel and have switched to recycled polyester for our boardshorts. Each year more of our products are made with sustainable materials.

Mystic Wetsuits eco friendly
Cleaner Oceans- Upcycled Plastic

Mystic teamed up with Arch & Hook BLUE® to create new wetsuit and accessory hangers from plastic soup: a mixture of 100% upcycled ocean-bound plastic, harvested predominantly from the four most polluting rivers in the world that would otherwise end up in our oceans.

Mystic wetsuit hanger eco