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      Kitesurfing Kites

      Welcome to the thrilling world of kitesurfing! Dive into premium kites designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Unparalleled control and performance on the water for seasoned pros or wind-riding novices. Elevate your adventure with cutting-edge kitesurfing kites – because every ride deserves to be extraordinary! Having the correct equipment is a must. Here at S2AS, we only stock the best brands with Core, Ocean Rodeo, Xenon and Slingshot. For any more information, contact us on 01202 738448 and our expert team can talk you through your first kites.

      1. Core Kites:Key Models:

      • Core XR8 and GTS6: Core's XR8 is a high-performance kite designed for boosting big airs and lofty jumps. It excels in a wide wind range, making it versatile for various conditions. The GTS6 is a freestyle powerhouse, catering to advanced riders with its explosive pop, quick loops, and precise control.

      Technology Highlights:

      • Future-C Shape: Core's Future-C Shape design ensures a smooth and direct response, providing consistent power delivery and precise control.
      • Intelligent Trim System (ITS): The ITS allows for easy adjustments on the fly, providing riders with the ability to fine-tune the kite's performance according to their preferences.

      2. Cabrinha:

      Key Models:

      • Cabrinha Switchblade: The Switchblade is Cabrinha's iconic kite, known for its versatility and user-friendly performance. It caters to riders of all levels, offering stable flight, consistent power, and ease of use.

      Technology Highlights:

      • 4-line Pulleyless System: Cabrinha's 4-line Pulleyless System simplifies the kite's design, promoting direct and responsive control.
      • High Tenacity Dacron: Utilizing high tenacity Dacron in key areas enhances the kite's durability and overall performance.

      3. Slingshot Sports

      Key Models:

      • Slingshot RPM: The RPM is a freestyle-focused kite renowned for its explosive pop, quick steering, and precise handling. It caters to advanced riders looking to push the boundaries of aerial maneuvers.

      Technology Highlights:

      • Split Strut: Slingshot's Split Strut design reduces strut wear and tear, enhances stability, and contributes to a lightweight structure.
      • One Pump Speed System: The One Pump Speed System simplifies the inflation process, getting riders on the water faster.

      4. Ocean Rodeo

      Key Models:

      • Ocean Rodeo Roam: The Roam series is tailored for wave riding enthusiasts, offering superb drift, quick turning, and excellent depower. It excels in cross-shore conditions, making it a favorite among surf-oriented kitesurfers.

      Technology Highlights:

      • Direct De-power System: Ocean Rodeo's Direct De-power System enhances safety and control, providing riders with precise adjustments in power.
      • Dynamic Arc: The Dynamic Arc design optimizes the kite's shape for enhanced aerodynamics and wave-riding performance.

      5. Xenon: 

      Key Models:

      • Xenon Air and RAD: The Air and RAD kites from Xenon are designed for freestyle enthusiasts, offering explosive pop, quick loops, and precise control. These kites empower riders to push their limits in aerial maneuvers.

      Technology Highlights:

      • 3-Strut Design: Xenon's 3-strut design contributes to a lightweight and agile kite structure, promoting quick steering and responsive performance.
      • Surf Tough Construction: The Surf Tough Construction enhances the kite's durability, ensuring it can withstand the demands of freestyle riding and wave conditions.


      What factors should I consider when choosing the right size of kitesurfing kite?

      Choosing the correct kite size depends on various factors, including your weight, skill level, wind conditions, and the type of riding you plan to do. Generally, larger kites (12-17 square meters) are suitable for lighter winds and beginners, providing more lift. Smaller kites (7-11 square meters) are designed for stronger winds and advanced riders, offering increased maneuverability. It's crucial to consult with experienced riders or instructors and consider the wind conditions at your preferred kitesurfing location.

      How do different kite shapes affect performance, and which shape is suitable for my style of riding?

      Kitesurfing kites come in various shapes, such as C-shaped, bow, and hybrid. C-shaped kites offer direct control and are favored by freestyle riders for unhooked tricks. Bow kites provide excellent depower and are suitable for beginners and wave riding. Hybrid kites combine features of both. The choice of shape depends on your riding style and preferences. Beginners often find bow or hybrid kites more forgiving, while advanced riders may prefer the specific characteristics of C-shaped kites for precise control.

      What is the significance of the number of struts on a kitesurfing kite, and how does it impact performance?

      The number of struts on a kitesurfing kite influences its stability, wind range, and handling. Kites with more struts (3 or 5) often provide increased stability, especially in gusty winds. They can have a more solid frame, reducing deformation in the canopy. Kites with fewer struts (1 or 3) tend to be lighter and more responsive, making them popular for freestyle and wave riding. The choice between more or fewer struts depends on your riding preferences and local wind conditions.

      How important is the kite's aspect ratio, and what does it affect in terms of performance?

      The aspect ratio of a kitesurfing kite refers to the ratio of its wingspan to its chord (width). High aspect ratio kites have longer wingspans and narrower widths, offering faster turning speeds, increased upwind performance, and better lift. Low aspect ratio kites have shorter wingspans and wider widths, providing stability and ease of use, making them suitable for beginners. The choice of aspect ratio depends on your riding style, skill level, and the specific performance characteristics you seek in a kite.