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      Ropes and Handles

      Take a look at our great selection of Wakeboard ropes and handles from leading brands. We stock a large range of premium wakeboard ropes and handles from HyperliteLiquid Force, Jobe, Ronix. We have so many great offers available, from ropes and handles for the recreational rider all the way to the advanced wakeboarder here at S2AS we've got you covered this season! All the Wakeboard ropes and handles that we stock are very high quality and come in a variety of colours and styles to satisfy anyone's taste. If you have any questions about the wakeboard ropes and handles that we stock please don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448.

      High-Strength Construction:

      Crafted from durable and high-strength materials such as polyethylene or spectra, wakeboarding ropes are engineered to withstand the forces generated during intense rides and maneuvers. The construction ensures longevity and reliability, offering riders the confidence to push their limits.

      Non-Stretch Design:

      Unlike traditional water ski ropes, wakeboarding ropes are designed to have minimal stretch. This non-stretch characteristic is crucial for maintaining consistent tension between the boat and the rider, allowing for precise control and responsiveness during jumps, spins, and tricks.

      Handle Grip and Design:

      The handle is not just a point of connection; it's an extension of the rider's control. Wakeboarding handles feature a comfortable grip with materials like EVA foam or rubber for a secure hold. The handle's design often includes features such as textured grips, ergonomic shapes, and varying widths to cater to different riding styles and preferences.

      Length and Sections:

      Wakeboarding ropes come in varying lengths to accommodate different riding preferences and boat setups. Additionally, many wakeboarding ropes are sectioned into multiple lengths, allowing riders to adjust the rope length based on skill level or desired wake size. This flexibility adds a dynamic element to the riding experience.

      Floating Properties:

      Safety is paramount on the water, and many wakeboarding ropes are designed to float. Floating ropes are not only easy to spot in the water but also reduce the risk of entanglement and ensure a safer experience for both the rider and boat.

      Vibrant Colors for Visibility:

      Enhancing safety and style, wakeboarding ropes and handles often come in vibrant colors. The high-visibility hues not only add a touch of flair to your gear but also make it easier for riders and boat drivers to gauge rope length and anticipate movements on the water.

      Compatibility with Various Towers:
      Wakeboarding ropes are compatible with different tower setups, allowing riders to customize their experience. Whether you're towing from a traditional ski pylon or an advanced wake tower, the ropes and handles seamlessly adapt to different boat configurations.

      Rope Technology Advancements:

      With advancements in technology, some wakeboarding ropes feature specialized designs, such as reduced-diameter ropes for enhanced aerodynamics or coated lines for reduced water absorption. These innovations contribute to improved performance and durability.

      In the world of wakeboarding, ropes and handles are more than functional tools – they are the conduits of exhilaration, the link between rider and boat, and the catalysts for soaring over the wake with unmatched precision. Choose your ropes and handles wisely, and let the water be your canvas for a breathtaking wakeboarding masterpiece.


      What length of wakeboard rope should I choose for my riding style?

      The length of your wakeboard rope depends on factors like your skill level, boat speed, and personal preference. For beginners or slower boat speeds, a longer rope (60-70 feet) provides a wider wake and more stability. Advanced riders or those seeking a narrower wake may prefer shorter ropes (50-60 feet). Adjustable ropes with sections offer versatility for riders of varying skill levels.

      Why is non-stretch important in wakeboard ropes?

      Non-stretch is crucial in wakeboard ropes to maintain consistent tension between the rider and the boat. Unlike traditional water ski ropes that may stretch, non-stretch wakeboard ropes ensure immediate response to rider input, allowing for precise control during tricks, jumps, and maneuvers. This characteristic enhances the overall riding experience.

      What features should I look for in a wakeboard handle for comfort and control?

      Look for a wakeboard handle with a comfortable grip, typically made of materials like EVA foam or rubber. The handle's design, including ergonomic shapes and textured grips, contributes to a secure and comfortable hold. Adjustable lengths, varying widths, and features like floating handles add to the overall control and safety on the water.

      How do I care for and maintain my wakeboard rope and handle?

      To prolong the life of your wakeboard rope and handle, rinse them thoroughly with fresh water after each use to remove salt and debris. Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Check for signs of wear, such as fraying or knots, and replace any damaged components. Avoid coiling the rope tightly, as this can lead to kinks and reduce its lifespan. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and safety.