Wetsuit gloves


      Wetsuit Gloves UK

      Here at S2AS we know  having cold hands is one of the worst feelings to have while on the water. This is why we stock a range of wetsuit gloves from a variety of high-quality brands including O'Neill and Mystic. Both brands provide wetsuit gloves of varying size, thickness, style and price to suit anyone's taste and price range. They also contain a range of features to keep your hands warm and as protected as possible. The features include durable fluid foam neoprene, flexlockstitching, glueblindstitched, merinowoollining and supertexhandgrip so you never loose grip.

      If you have any questions about the wetsuit gloves that we stock please don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448.

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      Why should I wear wetsuit gloves during water activities?

      Wetsuit gloves provide crucial protection for the hands against cold water, wind, and potential abrasions. They enhance overall warmth and allow for better grip and dexterity in various water sports.

      How do I choose the right thickness for wetsuit gloves?

      The thickness of wetsuit gloves depends on the water temperature. Thicker gloves, such as 5mm to 7mm, are suitable for colder conditions, while thinner options like 2mm to 3mm are appropriate for milder temperatures.

      Can I use any wetsuit gloves with my existing wetsuit?

      Yes, in general, you can mix and match wetsuit gloves with different brands. However, ensure compatibility in terms of sizing, and consider matching the thickness and material of the gloves with your existing wetsuit for optimal performance.

      How should I care for and clean my wetsuit gloves?

      Rinse the gloves with fresh water after each use to remove salt and sand. Allow them to air dry thoroughly before storage, and avoid direct sunlight to prevent damage. Check for any signs of wear and tear regularly, and ensure they are completely dry before storing them.