Ronix created the first wakeboard in 1990, are independently run and a couple of their owners can do 1080’s- 1 of them can even do a 1260.  Doesn’t matter to you?  Only 1 factor matters to Ronix –the quality of their product.  Sourcing new memory foam in footwear, or a weave of glass better than anything Massi has ever experienced off the wake.  Ronix is a company that is surrounded by perfection with products that take longer to make and are ridden harder.  Throughout their search we truly have created a global company – working with material suppliers in 14 countries across 4 continents. A more expensive way of doing business for sure, but when you slip into their custom orthotic fit boots and hit a left hander at the end of the lake we think you’ll know why.

Starting out strapping into bungees, riding a phaser equipped, directional shape, tri-fin powered special. Through time - admired, mocked and mimicked - until eventually the market was marketed with confusion. Which leaves us here...A clean slate - and friends with similar sound. A non-venting venture of vartists, engineers, riders and others as owners making riding devices collectively crafted for the imagination of wakeboarding. Our axiom will always be based on products and tales of tomorrows riding. A chance to make a point, confront the norm, and answer the question why.