Snowboard sale

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      Snowboard Sale

      Looking for a brand new snowboard but are after a bit of a deal then check out our sale snowboards now available at S2AS.

      We stock some incredible brands such as Bataleon, Never Summer, Lib Tech and DC Snow. giving a huge range of snowboards suited to any riding style 

      If you have any questions on any of our snowboarding sale equipment or sale snowboards fell free to contact the S2AS team on 01202 738448

      Embark on an epic winter adventure with our exclusive Snowboard Sale, featuring top-tier brands like Bataleon and Never Summer. Dive into a world of savings and style as you gear up for thrilling descents and unforgettable mountain experiences.


      Indulge in the cutting-edge technology and innovation offered by Bataleon snowboards, renowned for their Triple Base Technology (3BT™) that ensures unmatched control and stability. Take advantage of this sale to elevate your riding experience with boards that effortlessly carve through various terrains, combining playfulness and precision.

      Never Summer

      Discover the artistry and craftsmanship of Never Summer snowboards, where each board is a testament to quality and durability. With a reputation for withstanding the toughest conditions, Never Summer boards are designed to provide superior performance on powder-covered slopes and challenging mountain landscapes.

      Our Snowboard Sale brings you a carefully curated selection of Bataleon and Never Summer boards at unbeatable prices. Choose from an array of styles, graphics, and designs that not only showcase the technological prowess of these brands but also make a stylish statement on the mountain.

      Whether you're a freestyle enthusiast, a backcountry explorer, or a resort cruiser, our sale has the perfect snowboard for you. Seize the opportunity to own a high-performance board from Bataleon or Never Summer and set yourself up for a season filled with epic rides and exhilarating moments.

      Gear up for winter and make the most of our Snowboard Sale – where the thrill of the slopes meets unbeatable savings. Elevate your snowboarding game with top-tier brands, and embrace the freedom and excitement that comes with owning a Bataleon or Never Summer snowboard. Don't miss out on this chance to ride in style and conquer the mountain with confidence!

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