Wave kites


      Wave Kites

      Wave Kites enable you to catch the wave ahead of surfers, making them the preferred choice. Once on the wave, these kites harness its power to move you forward, featuring enough drift to remain airborne without generating too much force. Here at S2AS one of the UK's leading Kitesurf centres, we stock a huge range of kitesurfing kites from a variety of top brands including Cabrinha Kitesurf KitesCore Kitesurf KitesOcean Rodeo KitesSlingshot Kitesurf Kites.

      Wave kites are specially designed for kitesurfers who crave the exhilarating experience of harnessing the power of the ocean's waves. Tailored to navigate the dynamic and challenging conditions of wave riding. These kites offer specific features that enhance control, drift, and responsiveness. Let's dive into the world of kites and explore the key characteristics that make them essential for surf enthusiasts.

      Key Characteristics:

      1. Drift Ability: Wave kites are renowned for their exceptional drift ability. Drift denotes the kite's capacity to stay stable in the air as the rider descends the wave. This crucial feature allows surfers to focus on riding the wave without the kite interfering.

      2. Quick Turning: Quick and responsive turning is essential in kitesurfing. Kites are crafted for rapid pivoting, enabling riders to precisely and controlledly maneuver through the constantly varying shapes and speeds of ocean waves.

      3. Depower Capability: Wave kites often feature effective depower systems, enabling riders to reduce the kite's power quickly. This is vital in challenging wave conditions. Allowing surfers to manage the power of the kite as they navigate the waves and execute maneuvers.

      4. Durable Construction: Wave kites are built with durability in mind. The challenging environment of wave riding exposes kites to saltwater, powerful waves, and occasional crashes. Robust materials and reinforced construction ensure that kites can withstand the rigors of the surf.

      Considerations When Choosing a Wave Kite:

      1. Size: Choosing the right size is based on variables like the rider's weight, the wind conditions, and the size of the waves. Wavekites are often chosen to match the specific requirements of the waves at a given location.

      2. Drift Performance: Evaluate the kite's drift capability by examining its design elements, including the canopy shape and the efficiency of the bridle system. A kite with superior drift ensures a seamless and enjoyable wave riding experience.

      3. Turning Speed: Wavekites should offer quick and responsive turning to navigate the dynamic nature of waves. Check reviews and test the kite to ensure it meets your preferences for turning speed and agility.

      4. Depower System: A reliable depower system is crucial for safety and control. Make sure the wave kite you select features an efficient depower mechanism, enabling straightforward power management while riding the waves.

      Conquering Waves with Precision

      Open up a realm of possibilities for kitesurfers seeking the thrill of riding ocean waves with precision and style. Whether you are cutting through a wave's face or executing surf tricks, choosing a skillfully designed wave kite is crucial for dominating the swell and attaining the perfect blend of wind, water, and adrenaline.Our Brands

      1. Core Section - Precision in the Waves

      Key Features:

      • Instant Depower: The Core Section is recognized for its instantaneous depower capability, allowing riders to quickly adjust the power of the kite during critical moments in the wave.
      • Wave-Specific Shape: The kite's design emphasizes a wave-specific shape, enhancing its ability to drift and remain stable while riders navigate the dynamic surf.

      Technology Highlights:

      • CIT Modes: Core's Intelligent Trim System (CIT) allows riders to customize the kite's handling and power characteristics, providing adaptability to different wave conditions.
      • Three-Strut Design: The three-strut design contributes to the Section's lightweight feel and agility, essential for precise wave riding.

      2. Cabrinha Drifter - Mastering the Art of Drift

      Key Features:

      • Unmatched Drift Ability: The Cabrinha Drifter is celebrated for its exceptional drift ability, allowing riders to focus on surfing the wave without interference from the kite.
      • Quick Pivotal Turns: Designed for quick and pivotal turns, the Drifter provides surfers with the responsiveness needed to navigate various wave conditions.

      Technology Highlights:

      • High Tenacity Dacron: The use of high tenacity Dacron enhances the Drifter's durability, ensuring it can withstand the challenging environment of wave riding.
      • Dynamic Arc Shape: Cabrinha's Dynamic Arc Shape optimizes the kite's shape for improved turning and wave performance.

      3. Xenon Lip - Surfing the Waves with Style

      Key Features:

      • Versatile Wave Performance: The Xenon Lip is designed for versatile wave performance, providing riders with the tools to execute stylish maneuvers and conquer different wave shapes.
      • Efficient Drift: The Lip's efficient drift allows it to remain stable in the sky, allowing riders to carve through the waves seamlessly.

      Technology Highlights:

      • Surf Tough Construction: Xenon's Surf Tough Construction ensures the Lip can handle the rigors of wave riding, delivering durability without compromising performance.
      • Three-Strut Design: The three-strut design enhances the Lip's agility and responsiveness, ideal for navigating the dynamic nature of waves.

      4. Slingshot SST V7 - Thriving in Surf Conditions

      Key Features:

      • Surf-Specific Design: The Slingshot SST V7 is purpose-built for surfing conditions, combining surf-specific characteristics with Slingshot's renowned build quality.
      • Balanced Power Delivery: The kite provides a smooth and balanced power delivery, enabling riders to keep control as they ride down the wave's face.

      Technology Highlights:

      • One Pump Speed System: Slingshot's One Pump Speed System simplifies the inflation process, ensuring riders spend less time on the beach and more time in the surf.
      • Split Strut Design: The SST V7's split strut design enhances stability and contributes to its lightweight feel, optimizing wave performance.

      5. Ocean Rodeo - Thrill in the Waves with Razor

      Key Features:

      • Direct and Responsive: The Ocean Rodeo Razor is designed to be direct and responsive, providing surfers with the precision needed to navigate waves with confidence.
      • Enhanced Drift: The Razor's design emphasizes enhanced drift, allowing it to stay stable and controlled while riders focus on wave maneuvers.

      Technology Highlights:

      • Direct De-power System: Ocean Rodeo's Direct De-power System enhances the Razor's control and safety features, contributing to a seamless wave riding experience.
      • Dynamic Arc Shape: The Dynamic Arc Shape optimizes the Razor's aerodynamics, ensuring it performs at its best in varying wave conditions.


      What distinguishes wave kites from other types of kites, and why are they essential for wave riding?

      Wave kites are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of wave riding in kitesurfing. Wavekites stand out for their exceptional drift ability, quick pivotal turns, and efficient depower, enabling riders to precisely navigate and surf ocean waves.

      How does the drift ability of a wave kite impact its performance in wave riding?

      Drift ability is a crucial characteristic of wavekites.  A kite with excellent drift ability remains stationary, allowing the surfer to focus on riding the wave without interference. This feature is essential for executing smooth turns, cutbacks, and other maneuvers without causing the kite to hinder the rider's progression.

      Can wave kites be used for other styles of kitesurfing, or are they exclusively for wave riding?

      Wave kites, tailored for wave riding, offer versatility for use beyond the surf. Models like the Cabrinha Drifter adapt to various conditions, suitable for freeriding and freestyle maneuvers. Yet, for those who prioritize specialized performance in activities like freestyle or racing, kites crafted expressly for these disciplines might be the better choice.

      How do I choose the right size of a wave kite for my skill level and local wave conditions?

      Choosing the correct size for a wave kite relies on your body weight, skill level, and local wind conditions. Smaller kites provide enhanced control in strong winds, while larger kites are better suited for light wind conditions. For beginners, starting with a kite that matches the wind conditions and offers stability is recommended. Consulting with experienced riders or kite instructors can provide valuable insights into choosing the appropriate size for your specific needs.