Kids summer wetsuits


      Kids Summer Wetsuits

      We stock a wide range of kids summer wetsuits from high-quality brands including O'Neill and Mystic, the wetsuits that these brands provide come in all different colours, styles, sizes and prices to suit anyone's taste or price range. The kids summer wetsuits that we stock contain a variety of features dedicated to keeping you warm, comfortable, and maneuverable.

      If you have any questions about the kids summer wetsuits that we stock please don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448.

      Introduce your young water enthusiasts to the joy of aquatic adventures with our specially curated collection of Kids' Wetsuits, featuring trusted brands like O'Neill, Mystic, and Ripcurl. Crafted with the same dedication to quality, performance, and style as their adult counterparts, these wetsuits ensure that young surfers and water sports enthusiasts can ride the waves with confidence, comfort, and a dash of youthful flair.

      O'Neill - Young Surfer's Best Companion:

      O'Neill, a renowned name in wetsuit innovation, extends its expertise to our Kids' Wetsuit collection. Designed to deliver the same pioneering performance, O'Neill wetsuits for kids feature premium neoprene technology for optimal comfort, flexibility, and durability. Let your young surfer hit the waves with confidence, fully equipped with the reliable quality that O'Neill is celebrated for.

      Mystic - Youthful Elegance on the Water:

      Mystic brings a touch of youthful elegance to our Kids' Wetsuits, ensuring that the younger generation can experience both style and functionality. Known for innovative designs and attention to detail, Mystic wetsuits for kids offer optimal flexibility, sun protection, and a distinctive aesthetic. Let your young water mavericks showcase their individuality with Mystic's eye-catching designs.

      Ripcurl - Surfing Into Youthful Adventure:

      Ripcurl, synonymous with surf culture, extends its legacy to our Kids' Wetsuit collection. These wetsuits embody the spirit of youthful adventure, providing young surfers with the perfect blend of style and performance. With premium neoprene technology, Ripcurl wetsuits ensure that kids can ride the ultimate wave in comfort and with an unmistakable sense of surf culture.

      Tailored for Youthful Comfort:

      Our Kids' Wetsuits from O'Neill, Mystic, and Ripcurl are tailored with the utmost consideration for youthful comfort. Specially designed for smaller bodies, these wetsuits provide a snug fit, ensuring that young water enthusiasts can move with ease and confidence as they explore the wonders of the ocean or engage in water sports.

      Safety First with Sun Protection:

      All three brands prioritize safety with added sun protection features in our Kids' Wetsuits. Shield your young ones from harmful UV rays while they enjoy the water, allowing for worry-free play under the sun.

      Vibrant Designs for Little Water Adventurers:

      From playful patterns to vibrant colors, our Kids' Wetsuits from O'Neill, Mystic, and Ripcurl are designed to captivate the imagination of little water adventurers. Let them express their personalities on the waves with wetsuits that are as unique and spirited as they are.

      What thickness of wetsuit is recommended for summer?

      For summer, a wetsuit with a thickness of 2mm to 3/2mm (2mm in the body and 3mm in the torso) is generally suitable, providing insulation without compromising flexibility.

      How should a summer wetsuit fit?

      A proper fit is snug but not overly tight. Refer to the manufacturer's size chart, considering your height, weight, and body measurements, to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

      What material is best for summer wetsuits?

      Neoprene is the most common material for wetsuits. In summer suits, a combination of thinner neoprene and features like mesh panels or ventilation can enhance breathability and comfort.

      Can I use my winter wetsuit in summer?

      While possible, using a winter wetsuit in summer may lead to overheating. Summer wetsuits are designed with thinner neoprene for warmer conditions, providing the right balance of insulation and flexibility.