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      Summer Wetsuits

      We have a huge selection of summer wetsuits of great brands including Brunotti,Follow, Jobe, Mystic, O'Neill and Quiksilver.

      If you surf, wakeboard, kiteboard, SUP or spend any amount of time on the water you know that you need to be geard up for the water conditions not always the weather. With a huge range of wetsuits in stock we can find something for you and your sport.  

      We supply Mystic and O’Neill in front zip and back zip wetsuits giving you the best range possible from 3/2mm full wetsuits to 2mm short arm short leg wetsuits. With technology improving every year they are designed to last and take everything you put it through. 

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      If you have any more questions on the range of summer wetsuits that we stock give us a call on 01202 738448

      Dive into summer with the epitome of water sports excellence, courtesy of our Summer Wetsuit collection at S2AS, featuring renowned brands like O'Neill, Ripcurl, and Mystic. These industry-leading wetsuits are designed to take your aquatic adventures to the next level, ensuring you stay comfortable, agile, and stylish throughout your water escapades.


      O'Neill - Pioneering Performance:

      O'Neill, a trailblazer in the world of wetsuits, brings you cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance. Dive into the waves with confidence, knowing that O'Neill's commitment to innovation translates into a wetsuit that delivers optimal flexibility, strategic thickness, and durability. Experience the brand's rich legacy as you carve through the surf, fully equipped for the ultimate summer ride.


      Ripcurl - Ride the Ultimate Wave:

      Ripcurl, synonymous with surf culture, offers wetsuits that embody the spirit of adventure. Designed for the water enthusiast who seeks both style and functionality, Ripcurl wetsuits boast premium neoprene technology, ensuring a lightweight, breathable, and stylish companion for your summer exploits. Embrace the thrill of the ocean with wetsuits that capture the essence of the surfing lifestyle.


      Mystic - Unleash the Water Maverick:

      For those who crave the extraordinary, Mystic brings a touch of mystique to your summer water adventures. Known for their innovative designs and attention to detail, Mystic wetsuits provide optimal flexibility, sun protection, and a distinctive aesthetic. Unleash your inner water maverick as you ride the waves in wetsuits that seamlessly blend performance and style.


      Premium Neoprene Comfort:

      All three brands - O'Neill, Ripcurl, and Mystic - prioritize premium neoprene technology, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Experience the luxury of high-quality materials that adapt to your body's contours, offering durability, flexibility, and optimal insulation for those sun-soaked days on the water.


      Stylish Designs for Every Water Enthusiast:

      From the classic and iconic to the bold and avant-garde, our Summer Wetsuit collection from O'Neill, Ripcurl, and Mystic caters to every water enthusiast's style preferences. Express your individuality on the waves with vibrant colors, sleek designs, and eye-catching patterns that set you apart in the surf.

      What thickness of wetsuit is recommended for summer?

      For summer, a wetsuit with a thickness of 2mm to 3/2mm (2mm in the body and 3mm in the torso) is generally suitable, providing insulation without compromising flexibility.

      How should a summer wetsuit fit?

      A proper fit is snug but not overly tight. Refer to the manufacturer's size chart, considering your height, weight, and body measurements, to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

      What material is best for summer wetsuits?

      Neoprene is the most common material for wetsuits. In summer suits, a combination of thinner neoprene and features like mesh panels or ventilation can enhance breathability and comfort.

      Can I use my winter wetsuit in summer?

      While possible, using a winter wetsuit in summer may lead to overheating. Summer wetsuits are designed with thinner neoprene for warmer conditions, providing the right balance of insulation and flexibility.