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      Hard Stand Up Paddle Board

      Paddle hard and glide with ease with these Hard Stand Up Paddle Board's from Jobe. For more information please see individual paddle boards or call us in store on 01202738448

      Key Features of Hard Paddle Boards:

      1. Performance:

        • Hard paddle boards are known for their exceptional performance. Crafted from materials like epoxy or fiberglass, these boards offer a rigid and responsive platform, making them ideal for paddlers seeking enhanced control and maneuverability.
      2. Versatility:

        • Hard paddle boards come in various shapes and designs, catering to different paddling preferences. From all-around boards suitable for beginners to specialized surf or touring boards, the versatility of hard paddle boards ensures there's a perfect fit for every paddler.
      3. Durability:

        • Constructed with durable materials, including epoxy resin or fiberglass layers, hard paddle boards boast a robust build. This durability ensures a long lifespan for your board, making it a reliable companion for countless paddling adventures.
      4. Performance in Waves:

        • Specialized hard paddle boards designed for surfing offer exceptional performance in waves. With maneuverable shapes and the ability to catch waves easily, these boards provide an exciting experience for riders keen on wave riding.

      Considerations When Choosing Hard Paddle Boards:

      1. Board Shape and Design:

        • Different board shapes serve various purposes. All-around boards have a wider design for stability, while touring boards have a more streamlined shape for increased speed. Surf-specific boards are designed for agile turns and wave riding.
      2. Materials:

        • Hard paddle boards are typically made from epoxy, fiberglass, or a combination of materials. Consider the construction materials to ensure the right balance of weight, rigidity, and durability for your intended use.
      3. Size:

        • The size of the paddle board plays a crucial role in stability and performance. Larger boards offer more stability, making them suitable for beginners, while smaller boards enhance maneuverability and control for experienced paddlers.

      Our Top Hard Paddle Board Recommendations:

      1. Starboard All Star Carbon 14'x23" Hard Paddle Board:

        • Features: High-performance all-around board, carbon construction for lightness and responsiveness, suitable for racing and touring.
      2. Naish Hokua GTW 9'0" Hard Surf Paddle Board:

        • Features: Surf-specific design, responsive shape for wave riding, and durable construction for challenging wave conditions.
      3. Fanatic Fly Pure Light 10'4" Hard Paddle Board:

        • Features: All-around versatility, stable design for beginners, durable construction for various water conditions.


      Are hard paddle boards suitable for beginners?

      Yes, hard paddle boards come in various shapes, including wider all-around designs that provide stability ideal for beginners. Choosing the right size and shape ensures a positive learning experience.

      Can I use a hard paddle board for touring?

      Absolutely. Many hard paddle boards are designed specifically for touring, featuring a streamlined shape for efficient paddling and enhanced speed. Look for touring boards with ample deck space for gear storage.

      What makes a surf-specific hard paddle board different?

      Surf-specific hard paddle boards have a more maneuverable shape, making them responsive to the dynamic nature of ocean waves. They often feature a design that allows riders to perform turns and maneuvers with ease, catering to the excitement of wave riding.