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      Take a look at S2AS's full Twintips and kiteboard range, Here at S2AS one of the UK's leading Kitesurf centres, we stock a huge range of kitesurf boards from a variety of top brands including Cabrinha Kitesurf KitesCore Kitesurf KitesOcean Rodeo KitesSlingshot Kitesurf Kites.  This is  what we believe is the best boards for all abilities and styles of riding. Contact us at S2AS on 01202 738448 for any information 

      About Twintip kiteboards

      At S2AS, the UK's leading kitesurf center, we bring you a curated selection of top-notch twintip kiteboards. Let's explore the key features and considerations that make twin tips the go-to choice for freestyle enthusiasts.

      Key Characteristics of Kiteboards:

      1. Bidirectional Design:

        • Kiteboards feature a bidirectional design, allowing riders to cruise comfortably in both directions. This design adds versatility, making them suitable for various freestyle maneuvers and jumps.
      2. Freeride Performance:

        • Tailored for freestyle enthusiasts.Their shape enables riders to execute tricks, spins, and jumps with ease, making them the preferred choice for those who love pushing the limits.
      3. Upwind Ability:

        • Riders can navigate upwind efficiently, maximizing their time on the water and exploring different areas of the kitesurfing spot.
      4. Versatility:

        • Twintip kiteboards are versatile, catering to everyone from beginners getting to grips with the basics to advanced riders refining their freestyle techniques. They support a broad spectrum of riding styles and preferences.

      Factors to Consider When Choosing a Twintip Kiteboard:

      1. Size:

        • Selecting the right size is crucial for optimal performance. Smaller twintips excel in agility and maneuverability, making them suitable for tricks and aerial maneuvers. A larger twin tip boards offer enhanced stability and control, perfect for newcomers to the sport or individuals who enjoy a more relaxed cruising approach.
      2. Flex:

        • Twintip kiteboards come with varying levels of flex. A softer flex provides a more forgiving feel, thereby making it easier for beginners and simultaneously enhancing comfort during landings. Stiffer boards are preferred by advanced riders for precise control and pop.
      3. Rocker:

        • Consider the rocker (curvature along the length) of the board. More rocker enhances maneuverability and is suitable for freestyle tricks, while less rocker provides better speed and upwind performance.
      4. Construction Materials:

        • Twintip kiteboards are constructed using materials like wood, foam, and composite materials. High-quality construction ensures durability and impact resistance, crucial for withstanding the demands of freestyle riding.

      Our Top Twintip Kiteboard Brands:

      1. Core Fusion:

        • The Core Fusion twintip kiteboard is designed for versatile freestyle fun, with features like bidirectional design, lightweight construction, and a perfect blend of flex and responsiveness.
      2. Xenon Laluz

        • The Xenon Laluz twintip kiteboard offers a dynamic freeride experience, featuring a balanced rocker, moderate flex, and a responsive outline to unleash your tricks and jumps.


      Why choose a twintip kiteboard for freestyle kitesurfing?

      Twintip kiteboards are specifically designed for freestyle enthusiasts. Their bidirectional design, freestyle performance, and versatility make them the perfect choice for riders who love executing tricks, spins, and jumps.

      What size of twintip kiteboard is suitable for beginners?

      For beginners, a larger and more stable twintip kiteboard is recommended. This provides an easier learning experience and better stability for those still mastering the basics of kitesurfing.

      Can advanced riders use twintip kiteboards for other styles of kitesurfing?

      While twintip kiteboards are designed for freestyle, their versatility allows advanced riders to enjoy cruising, jumping, and exploring various riding styles. However, dedicated boards for specific styles may be preferred for optimal performance.

      How does the bidirectional design of twintip kiteboards enhance their performance?

      The bidirectional design allows riders to navigate comfortably in both directions, enhancing the versatility of twintip kiteboards. This design is especially advantageous for executing tricks that involve rotations and spins