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      Our Private Kitesurfing Lessons are for anybody who wants to progress their kitesurfing at a faster rate!

      We start where you left off, at your own speed, as there is no format that we run the 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 kitesurfing lessons around. If you're progressing very quickly we don’t have to hold you back with the group, we will keep pushing you to really get independent and get the most out of your time on the water, and if we spot any mistakes, we'll be the first to point them out and iron them out. As it is just you and the kitesurfing instructor on the water, the learning curve is much faster, which is why we only run 2, 3 and 4-Hour Kitesurfing Lessons. In this time you will be learning 4x faster and will be in control of the kite the entire time, except for demos from your Instructor.   

      Private Kitesurfing Lessons are not just for the Beginner or Intermediate kitesurfer. If there is something in particular that you want to learn, whether it be Un-Hooking or General Tips, we can tailor a lesson to your needs!

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