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Ronix Wakeboards, a company established back in 1990 with the development of the first-ever wakeboard. Owned and run by the riders for the riders trying to get as far away from a corporate stereotype as possible, they have to be the only boardsport company where the boardroom is littered with Xgames medals and legacy red bull athletes like Parks Bonifay (first double flip in a comp) and Danny Harf (first 1260 in competition). Not only have Ronix pioneered the way wakeboards look and perform but along the way the owners have essentially landed nearly every new trick in the last 30 years. This is what makes the brand so special. Starting out strapping into bungees, riding a phaser equipped, directional shape, tri-fin powered special. Through time - admired, mocked and mimicked - until eventually the market was marketed with confusion. Which leaves us here...A clean slate - and friends with a similar sound. With one of the most formidable, creative and passionate wakeboard teams on the planet, Ronix makes sure every rider and ambassador entirely embodies the ethos of the brand and fly the flag wherever they turn up for a shred. Here in the UK, we have a stacked team of Ronix riders with guys like Jack and Alfie Constable ripping it up and then some young guns like Kieran Owens and Billy Palmer-Cooper keeping the flames burning bright for the next generation. This season we were so stoked for of course The Peacock Brothers with their first-ever pro model board the Ronix Selekt, one of the most exciting cable boards to hit the market in many many seasons, It’s no surprise that the entire UK Ronix cable team have wanted to be on this wakeboard this year. Ronix is a company that is surrounded by perfection with products that take longer to make and are ridden harder. Through our search, we truly have created a global company – working with material suppliers in 14 countries across 4 continents. A more expensive way of doing business for sure, but when you slip into our custom orthotic fit boots and hit a left-hander at the end of the lake, we think you’ll know why. In just a few short years Ronix Wake has become one of the most influential wakeboard companies in the sport. With big-name riders like Park Bonifay, Danny Harf, Emily Copeland, & Chad Sharpe behind the development, you know Ronix is here to stay! The Ronix wakeboard binding line up is insane! With some of the lightest and most comfortable boots on the market, both wakeboarders and kitesurfers will love the performance of Ronix and their new technology. The Brain Fame technology is a game-changer in terms of wakeboard boot design and fit increasing response and board feel when you're on the water. Ronix wakeboards stand out on the lake not just because of their graphic but their performance. With cable, cross over and boat specific boards for men, women and kids Ronix have a huge selection for all ability levels to enjoy your time on the water.
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Innovate the Wake!

Ronix developers consider wakeboarding as a true sport and have developed their wakeboards accordingly. Wakeboarding is different to every other board out there as the hips and shoulders are parallel to each other. Ronix have therefore developed wakeboards and wakeboard boots that allow the rider to have as much control as possible.

Ronix have put a special focus into producing beginner orientated wakeboards, encouraging learning in a smooth and efficient way, as well as rapidly speeding up progression. By designing some wakeboards to be asymmetrical in order to help the beginner level riders to adapt in the best way – by developing their riding style and giving them complete control with heel side/toe versatility.

However experienced wakeboarders can still get a lot out of many of the wakeboards in the Ronix range; some boards more offer challenge and thrill making this sport even more exciting to engage in, whilst others are designed to improve ability and help master those new tricks whether it be behind the boat or at a local cable park.

Ronix wakeboards also come with many other features that turn the typical wakeboard weaknesses into fully-fledged strengths. The flash line is not the weak point of the board anymore due to the Monocoque being wrapped glass from the top to the bottom. Furthermore, the molded asymmetric fins and krpto cables ensure that the beginners, as well as the more experienced riders, are all given the capacity to engage and learn with time.

Ronix is truly the ideal choice when it comes to wakeboards and we’re proud to stock it at S2AS. They offer the perfect platform for you to develop your particular riding style and have an enjoyable session of wakeboarding. If you’re looking for the ideal wakeboard to learn, grow and enjoy – snag yourself a Ronix Wakeboard. We assure you, there will be a perfect choice for your wakeboarding whatever your style.