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Hyperlite is a wakeboard brand form the very start of wakeboarding and with 25+ years experience, Hyperlite are one of the best wakeboarding brands in the world still. In the early days it was all about Boat riding and Hyperlite wakeboards were the best in the world no one could compete, As time has gone on we have seen cable wakeboarding make a huge difference to the way wakeboards are now made and Hyperlite remain at the forefornt of the industry. As for Hyperlite Bindings or Boots again Hyperlite's thinking outside the box is what helped them become the best wakeboard brand for boots with the Hyperlite systems and the Hyperlite chassis revolutionizing how people connect to there board!
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With more than 27 years of wake experience, Hyperlite manufacturers the most trusted products for all things Wake! Together with their team riders and loyal supporters Hyperlite has put together some of the greatest Wakeboards, Bindings, Wakesurfers, Vests, Ropes & Handles ever seen. 

Hyperlite is confident that their material selection and construction processes deliver dependable gear that can be trusted for multiple seasons. Technological advances from their R&centreer also bring terrific performance advantages relished by today’s athletes. The Riot Wakeboard features the first ever Nova Carbon Pop Top laminate rider to push their wakeboarding to new levels. And the majority of our surf line utilizes the proven Dura-Shell Construction for the smoothest ride in the wave.

Chances are you already know this but Hyperlite has always been so connected with their fellow wake enthusiasts and continue to build the products that you need!