The world of Wakeboard impact vest can be a bit of a mine field and choosing what one you need can be a bit confusing. With different styles, different fits and different technology throughout the whole range it is important to get the right vest for yourself and the sport you are doing. Hopefully this blog will help you to choose the right one for you and the sport you are partaking in.



First of all, you need to choose your style of vest. Like most other impact vest producers Follow make the vests in 2 main styles. These are coast guard approved and non-coast guard approved. These vests are very different and its important to get the right one.

Follow CGA Impact Vests

Coast Guard approved vests have been certified that they will provide enough extra floatation whilst you are it the water. This is normally over 50N (50N will give you an extra 5kg of floatation). Due to this these vests tend to be a lot bulkier in order to give you the extra buoyancy, this however means they will provide extra impact protection but can restrict movement. Follow has designed their CGA vest to minimise this restriction as much as the possibly can however they still do not give you as good range of motion as a competition vest. This style of vest is great for beginners looking for a bit of extra protection and buoyancy or for people who are not too comfortable in the water. These are also a really great option for tubing and ringo-ing.



Non CGA- Follow Impact Vests

Non Coast Guard approved vest are also known as competition vest. These do not meet the required floatation standards for it to be approved by the Coast Guard. These vest however still provide a bit of floatation. Due to this fact the do not need to be as bulky and can be designed in a way that will give you the maximum range of motion possible and still provide plenty of impact protection. Due to the nature of wakeboarding you are always very close to someone else whether it is behind the boat or at the cable so you don’t really require a vest that will provide extra floatation for a prolonged period of time. The extra comfort and range of motion from these vests is definitely worth the sacrifice. This is the most common Follow Impact Vest in the UK



The next thing with Follow vests is that you need to choose your fit. Follow Impact Vests come in 4 different fits for Men’s and 2 different fits for Women’s. Below is about all the different fits to help you choose the right one.




The first style developed by Follow giving a clean performance style. The tapered style fit will keep these impact vests tight to your body and stop them from riding up during riding or big crashes. These vests are designed for athletic bodies. Here at S2AS, we would recommend going up a size unless you are very lean.



Pro-Fit 2

The lightest and most flexible impact vest in the Follow line up designed to give the best range of movement possible. Follow have listened to the pro riders and distributors to develop the Pro-Fit vest to what people want, adding 2 side flex panels for a more adjustable fit and better movement. This is the favourite style of vest here at S2AS for most of the shop staff and team riders.



Happy Fit

Designed for the guy who doesn’t spend all his spare time at the gym and loves a 2 for 1 burger. Made for the keg, not the six-pack with a much more relaxed fit without sacrificing any of the performance of the Pro-Fits. The vest is longer than the other fits with larger armholes for extra comfort and movement. The Happy fit is massively popular at S2AS for a very comfy fit that will still not ride up or lack any protection or performance.




If you find that most impact vests come down too low, then this is definitely the style of vest to look at. Tested and designed by Raph Derome and Alex Aulbach the shorter design will help you feel a range of movement that you have never experienced before with any other impact vest. Matched with the Pro-Fit tapered outline for a performance fitting vest that you a guaranteed to love.


Ladies Fit

Follow worked closely with all its female pro riders in order to make the perfect fitting vest for the ladies. Secure, comfortable across the chest

and a tapered waist for an extremely comfortable, performance fit that will provide plenty of protection, not ride up and give a great range of motion.


Ladies Fit Cut 2-

Same security and comfort across the chest and tapered at the waist as the custom ladies cut. Without the 2 side flex panels for a slightly tighter fit around the sides. Giving an amazing fitting impact vest that will not move around whilst you are riding and give an incredible range of motion.


SPR- Sustainable Performance Range

SPR is Follow’s Sustainable performance range of impact vest. Designed to be much lower impact on the planet and protect where we ride such as lakes, rivers and the sea. This range uses much more environmentally friendly materials and production methods whilst still producing world beating impact vests. If everyone does their small part, then we can make the world a much better place for the future.



Yulex Natural Rubber- By using this type of natural rubber in the Follow impact vests really reduces the impact on the planet compared to traditional methods by producing a stronger, non-sensitising natural material.

Recycled Polyester Jersey- Every vest that Follow make in the SPR range contains at least 15 recycled plastic bottles.

PVC Free Buoyancy Foam- Traditional PVC foam is not great for the planet releasing toxins into the environment during production and disposable. Follow have created an alternative that is much better for the environment without sacrificing the performance of the vest.

Solvent Free Glue- An Aqua based solvent-free lamination glued called Aqua X reducing the harmful solvent chemicals used in traditional manufacture.

Biodegradable Shipping Bags- Traditionally and with most other neoprene brands their products come in a plastic bag which we all know is not great for the environment. This is not the case with Follow. Every single vest in the line comes in a biodegradable bag.


Technology in the Vests-

Follow have a massive range of different features throughout all their impact vest including different types of foam, different neoprene and other features. Below is the guide to all that tech. For more information on what tech is included in each different vest visit our Wakeboard Shop



True Fit Liners- This brand-new liner from Follow creates a natural bond between the lightweight foam core and the neoprene allowing the vest to contour perfectly to the contour of your body. Thanks to the vest fits incredibly well and stops the vest from moving around whilst riding allowing for all day comfort no matter how long your set.

G-Lite PVC Free Foam- Traditional PVC foam is not great for the planet releasing toxins into the environment during production and disposable. Follow have created an alternative that is much better for the environment without sacrificing the performance of the vest. Extremely lightweight and great for the environment what more do you need.

PVC Free Buoyancy Foam- Traditional PVC foam is not great for the planet releasing toxins into the environment during production and disposable. Follow have created an alternative that is much better for the environment without sacrificing the performance of the vest. This foam will provide slightly more protection and buoyancy than the G-Lite foam.

Featherweight Foam- Using the lightest possible foam with very little water absorption making these vests incredibly light even after being submerged. This allows for incredible comfort for long days riding.

Duraprene Technology- Duraprene is a textured neoprene that is insanely durable without sacrificing flexibility. This gives you an extremely comfortable well-fitting vest that will last season after season.



Super Stretchy Neo- Follow’s upgraded neoprene designed to be as flexible as possible. This makes the vest fit extremely well by contouring to your body shape making it more comfortable and stopping it from moving around whilst you ride.

Dual-Layer Neoprene- Traditional neoprene can increase in size by up to 10% when it is wet causing the vest not to fit as well and move around whilst riding. Using a dual-layer neoprene helps to prevent this from happening giving you a much more consistent fit and comfort whilst riding.



Stash Pocket- Does what is says on the tin. A small zippered pocket with an elastic key loop, perfect for keeping whatever you need handy.



Reduced Individual Segments- Follow has worked for years to minimise the size of the foam segments by using a direct stitch through process. This allows the foam to remain in place season after season. Also, this helps the vest to fit to the body a lot better making it more comfortable and stopping it from restricting your range of movement whilst also helping to disperse the force of even the largest of impacts.



Rubber Waist Pull Tabs- Trying to get your impact vest done up whilst its wet can be a bit difficult. These rubber tabs allow you to grip the vest a lot easier making zipping up the vest and adjusting the vest a breeze.



Debossed Logo- A minimalist logo on the vest oozing style. As Follow say, “why shout from the rooftops when you don’t need to”.



Magnetic Closure Zipper Flap- A magnetic tab that will snap closed to tuck the zipper away whilst your riding and give you easier placement and release.



Cinch Belt- Fully personalise the fit of your vest. This cinch belt is easy to tighten and loosen the vest around your waist giving you extra security and stopping the vest from moving around whilst riding.



Corduroy Skirt Panels- A flashback to the 90’s, Corduroy shirt panels giving you a unique look and style. These really do look sick.



Ribbed Panelling- This unique style of impact foam allows follow to enforce the vests structure and shape the vest beyond traditional styles. This allows for a much better freedom of movement and much more comfort whilst evenly distributing the force of even the biggest of impacts.



CE Approval- All follow vests are approved to the latest CE standards of impact vests CE 2016/425.



Now all you need to do is choose your vest. Pick your style, pick your fit and then choose the design you like. If you have any more questions regarding the Follow Impact Vest line up please visit our Wakeboard Shop in Poole or Call us on 01202 738448 or visit our Facebook or Instagram.

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