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‘Dakhla has grown to become one of the most spacious Kitesurfing lagoons in the world’


Situated on the edge of the Western Sahara, the Dakhla peninsula a 45 kilometer long lagoon from the Atlantic, though you’ll also find some excellent wave riding at Foum La Bouir and a number of other spots along the coast.

The lagoon can be ridden at both high and low tide. Ideal for beginners at low tide, it remains waist deep with flat water and no shore break to disrupt your progress as you perfect your board starts. Freestylers and Free riders will also love the acres of space and the flat sections at low tide to explore. Most of the kiting happens around the kite camps, but there’s also the speed spot round the corner from Dakhla Attitude hotel where you can tuck in behind the sandbar and go for broke in offshore winds!


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The best wave riding is in the winter months and the schools organise regular transfers to the wave spots of Foum La Bouir and Pointe D’Or. There is generally less wind on the coast at the wave spots where 4/3 or 3/2 wetsuits are a good idea. There’s plenty of down winder potential too and you can ride from the main kiting areas on the lagoon all the way to Dakhla town


Wind, Weather and Water


Dakhla offers conditions all year. The wind generally blows from the northeast direction at 19-25 knots in winter, increasing up to 30 knots in the summer months of July and August. Usually starting off blowing lightly and increasing from lunch time until it drops off again at sunset around 7pm. Waves are best November to February. In summer you’ll use your seven and nine meter a lot and in winter a 12 will see more action.


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Annual air temperatures range from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius during the day to 12 -15 at night. Board shorts and bikinis in mid-summer will suffice and a shorty will do for most of the year, but bring a sweatshirt and jeans for the evening. The water averages 19-24 all year round but strong winds make it feel colder. January and February are the coldest months and you’ll need a long suit then.


Off The Water


There is not much else to do other than kite, but if you’re looking for reliable wind, flat water, waves, beautiful sunsets and relaxed evening vibes then Dakhla should be on your list. If you’re staying at a kite camp you won’t need a car and transfers to town and back can be arranged in camp. Staying at the camps usually includes rescue boat cover, too (if your not staying with them then you can buy a voucher). If you stay in town it’s best to rent a car to get to the kite sports.


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The small souks, local food and spice markets are highly recommended. There’s also a lesser-known fish restaurants on the water’s edge on the way to town from the camps. You can find epic surfing and SUPing outside the summer moths and there’s also a cable park at the Dakhla Attitude camp.


Useful Information


Airport: There are no direct flights from outside Morocco so you’ll connect through Casablanca or Agadir.

Schools: Dakhla Evasion, Ion Club and Kiteworldwide


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