It's a sad day, But every season ends. It’s an annual cycle: the buildup, the party, the after party, and the moment when you realize the snow is gone and even the diehards have gone home. The memories start flooding in, and there you are, staring dreamily at your snowboard. Ahh, the good times you’ve had together. All the new things you learned and that one pow turn…that was a good turn. Don’t cry. Next season is right around the corner.

Then you put it off as long as you can. In our case,  1st May. As sad as you may be, we’re here to tell you: don’t just throw your Snowboard in the garage and forget about it. That’s your baby, your best friend, the only one who truly understands you! It deserves to be tucked in for the night just like the rest of us. Prepping your snowboard for the off season increases its lifespan, and keeps it in tip-top shape for opening day.

Here are five tips to prevent rusty edges, a dry base and possible delamination.

    1. Wipe it down. First step, remove all the dust and grime from your last turns. Using a cloth, wipe off the mud, grass and beer, especially from the base.


    1. Sharpen your edges.  (Edge tuning tool)Nothing prevents rust and wear like a good file. Sharpening your edges with a File guide will remove burrs and rust from your last day on-hill, and deter more rust from accumulating as your board waits patiently through the summer.


    1. Give it a wax. Using the Dakine Waxing Iron makes waxing your board a cinch. Do not be scared to layer the wax generously, and don’t scrape it off until you take your board back out next season. Use the best wax you can find in our case Butta Snowboard Wax This will seal the base and prevent it from drying out. In addition, getting the wax on the edges will also help prevent rust.


    1. Store it in a cool, dry, dark place. Using a board bag is the best way to keep your board for the summer. Put it somewhere safe from moisture, sunlight and temperature changes. The Dakine Low Roller is the perfect board locker both in the off season and for travel during the season. It’s insulated, padded, and has room for all of your winter gear.


    1. Store everything together, clean and dry. Using a Dakine Heli pro, or a Snowboard bag, you have the ability to store all of your shred gear together. Once the snowflakes start falling you will be ready to ride, unlike your friends who are scrambling to find a missing glove. Just make sure all of your gear is clean and dry before you pack it away, or you’ll be in for a stinky surprise.


Thank your board for a rad winter and sing it a tune as you tuck it away for the off-season. It will be dreaming of deep turns and sunshine, just like you.

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