The Cabrinha Moto has been a stable product in the Cabrinha range for mixed genre
riding and our test team always admired the lighter bar feeling and the ability
to throw it around the wind window without serious consequences, giving you
the ability to throw some hero loops without ruining your knees. The latest
incarnation retains the mid-aspect, full wing-tipped, three-strut platform,
but the Moto probably sees the largest design overhaul in its legacy, and it has
been a two-year development process.
All the Cabrinha kites this year have their own unique-to-the-brand Nano
Ripstop canopy material, which has a tighter weave than most cloths, and the
plasma-treated coating on the cloth is extremely water repellent. There has
been a noticeable increase in segmentation across the kite’s span in both the
canopy and leading edge. This smooths airflow and keeps things nice and efficient. The High Tenacity Dacron is orientated cleverly on the warp axis to
minimize stretch in that direction and provide a nice stiff airframe. The bridle
has had a serious work-over to make the kite punch forward more in the window and remain ultra-reactive and smooth, which is where the most noticeable changes to its flying characteristics lie. There are some premium touches
to the build with neat silicon one-pump covers, sensibly placed lightweight
reinforcements, and a no-compromises approach to build and materials.
Overall, the kite feels more focused and responsive than ever and retains
the trademark smoothness and amiable character of the previous model. For
playful cross-discipline riding, the Moto sets a definite benchmark of ease of
use and accessible performance. With a twintip, the Moto provides confidence to motivate even the most conservative freerider into throwing down
some moves normally outside their comfort zone. The climb out of a kite loop
or bottom turn and forward speed across the window seems dramatically improved, without any spiky power delivery.

t sits well alongside the Switchblade as a more nimble, all-weather and playful alternative for the rider who isn’t afraid to switch between a few different
styles of board. The wind range and handling in the low end have been massively improved; where the previous model could feel a little pregnant when
underpowered, this revised model punches forward and flies much earlier.
This has changed the game for the Moto when it comes to freeride hydrofoil
use, where it really performs for a three-strut kite. The Moto’s versatility has
always been its shining point and the latest version increases its application
ever further. It is a true all-rounder that will suit a lot of riders, and keep them
progressing their skill set.

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