Twin-tipped Powder sorcery


2019 Bataleon Magic Carpet a different style of snowboarding for everyone! Bataleon took their phenomenal� Bataleon CT Snowboard a directional freeride powder board, a using special 3BT alchemy created a twin-tipped powder snowboard.

With a medium flex profile (6/10) the Magic Carpet is soft enough for absolute beginner snowboarder just mastering their first turns yet stiff enough for expert level riders after something to slay the whole mountain. Reinforced with two carbon stringers in the tip and the tail that provide dampening landing big jumps, enhance nollie/ollie potential and stop those elusive speed wobbles when charging around.


Bataleon Magic Carpet’s Carbon Layup


� The unique Twin Pow 3BT (Triple Base Technology) is what really makes the Bataleon Magic Carpet stand apart from not only from other snowboards but even other Bataleon snowboards.� Creating a thinner mid-section and greater uplift means that this board funnels snow underneath itself like nothing else creating exceptional powder float, as well a producing less edge catch and making more forgiving park riding.


Park on A POw Day!


An upgrade for this year is the new D.S.T. (Dual Super Tubes) two hollow carbon rods milled into the core of the snowboard along its edges creating a lower swing rate, perfect if your spinning anything bigger than 360’s as well as producing greater edge hold and response when riding.



Thanks to its unique design the 2019 Bataleon Magic Carpet excels in all areas of the mountain, the twin-tipped design lends itself to tree riding thanks to its tight turning circle and the Twin Pow 3BT w/ Sidekick means you can slay the park on a powder day when no one else can even attempt it!



Finally, the Magic Carpet is finished with Ultra Glide S sintered base which is dramatically quicker than standard extruded bases and holds the wax twice as long, meaning reduced servicing costs. This snowboard comes in four sizes, 151cm, 154cm, 156cm and 159cm and it is worth bearing in mind that the Magic Carpet rides 5-6cm longer in powder and 2-3cm on the piste so remember to go small with this one!


A price that’s fair


Coming in a £499� the 2019 Bataleon Magic Carpet� is worth every penny a board that is completely unlike any other on the market and can make even the most lacklustre days on the mountain truly magical. S2AS would also recommend pairing it with the 2019 Switchback Twin Bindings� to really get the most playful ride you can!


Thanks for reading! If you want any more information on the� 2019 Bataleon Magic Carpet or Bataleon Snowboards give us a call on 01202 738448



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