Straight out of Fehmarn, Core Kiteboarding is a global manufacturer of kites and builders of advanced, German engineered kite gear. Form follows Function at Core Kiteboarding, with their minimalist designs that are full to the brim with intuitive functionality, lightweight design, high-tech materials and advanced manufacturing process. They pride themselves on safe and efficient engineering solutions, even if it does cost them a little bit more to manufacture. This constant drive for perfection and investment in proprietary components has made Core the respected brand it is today.

After 10+ years of growth, Core still benefits from it’s founder’s laser focus on the details. Never distracted by fads or unrelated products, he leads his team with the same passion he used to win the European Windsurfing Championship. Core builds them tough enough; the European sourced ExoTex frame and CoreTex Canopy Fabrics for example exceed anything out there for UV protection, ripstop, and brute strength. And together with Core’s unprecedented 6-Year Replacement parts availability, your new Core Kite will provide many years of long-lasting smiles.


What’s new?

The company with the white and yellow performance kites is making kite selection easier than your morning coffee order. Core put their kites into 3 different banners: the Universal+ Series, the Specialised Series, and the LW Series.

The XR4, the updated GTS4, and the all new Free complete Core’s newly branded Universal+ Lineup. a three kite family with broad capabilities and signature Core Character. They couldn’t quite call themselves all-rounder because each model has a distinctively powerful style attribute in addition to their all discipline design. Find the + beside your favourite discipline, and you have found your perfect Core Performance All-Rounder.

The Specialised Series is strictly for hardcore riders. With kites that perform exceptionally in one discipline with a pro board, this is definitely our favourite family of kites.

Core are also known for their lightwind kites, which are titled the ”LW Series”, and that’s for the rider that wants cheek to cheek smiles on a windless day.

Main Kites:

1. XR4:� The five strut, bow inspired XR4 can do it all. But it’s known for never-ending hangtime. With a huge wind range, a powerful canopy and linear power delivery, the + let’s the world know that this is a kite to be reckoned with. Some even prefer its powerful feel in the waves, while others enjoyed it understandably for hooked in freestyle.

2. GTS4:� The bridled Future-C GTS4 is a freestyler’s first choice for its explosive pop and linear control. Some strapless riders prefer the GTS4 for its super fast bar response and turning speed. The + next to the freestyle category is a reassurance from Core that this kite is a freestyle, all-round Core kite. Not as floaty as the XR4, the GTS4 will nevertheless take your breath away if you move the kite a little more. And if you’re ready for kite-looping, you needn’t look any further.

3. Free:� The just released Free bridges a natural gap in Core’s Universal+ Lineup. The three strut, bow inspired Free was designed to be a little lighter and softer than the XR. It turns out that the Free excels in waves due to its sweet drifting, linear power/depower on wavefronts, and jack rabbit waterstarts. So they put the little superpower + beside the wave description even though we see this kite as a go-to freerider for just about anyone.

4. Section:� Core released its dedicated wave kite for the growing market of strapped and strapless wave warriors who have traded in their twintips for bigger wave adventurers. They started with a blank sheet on this build and made sure they checked off as many need-to-haves as possible including no tug, toeside down-looping. Huge range: check! Predictable Drifting: Check! Easy water starts in big waves: Check! After ticking all the boxes, they ended up with a very active kite that wants to be thrown around in big waves or knee high’s.

5. Impact:� Meet Core’s ultimate C-Kite. Available in 4 or 5 line configurations, the Impact is designed for adrenaline pumping slacklined wizardry. It has the power to bring out your inner wakestyle ninjas with its unadultered, unbridled and deep C-Shape. Immediately recognisable by it’s long, square wingtips and optional 5th line safety that always remains perfectly tensioned regardless of the trim adjuster cleat setting.


Bar and Lines:

1. Sensor 2:� Simple yet advanced. Direct feeling and safe. That’s how Core describes the original Sensor 2. Their value leader is packed with advanced safety features like the only 2-Way Rotor Quick release System, height adjustable trim cleat, and Core’s innovative flagging system. The titanium reinforced handle, variable width bar ends, and German made lines gives the Sensor Bar its light and super direct feeling everyone loves.

2. Sensor 2S: This year, Core took apart the Sensor 2 and replaced the swivel, main depower line, and added a few other bits to create a truly self-unwinding bar with better durability and feel ”between the fingers”. They replaced the stainless steel auto-untwist swivel with an ultra low friction, self cleaning, ceramic ball bearing design. The Dyneema main depower line is now a reduced diameter, polyether coated, Tectanium line that is stronger, more aerodynamic and super durable. The new 2S is a winner and well worth the small premium.

3. Sensor 2S Pro: For those who demand the finest bar; the new Sensor 2S Pro is the ticket. They souped up the Sensor 2S Bar with a 100% Carbon Fibre, uni-body handle. They replaced the flying lines with a 100% Tectanium from Kite-to-Bar. What makes Tectanium so good? The virtually no stretch Tectanium centre and steering lines are 400% more resistant to elongation, have an unbelievable 50% greater breaking strength, and are more aerodynamic. They also added optional line lengths. The no compromise bar is here, and it’s called the Sensor 2S Pro.



Fusion 2:� Not your average freeride board, Core’s Fusion 2’s racecar-like build features 100% Cartan Carbon Construction, G10 Fins, and a concave deep-V hull. The proprietary, 30 degree biaxial, Carbon Fibre delivers superior longitudinal flex and better lateral control. Ride longer with this easy-on-your-knees bestseller. The Fusion 2 LW Series, Core’s lightwind rocket features a refined rail outline to optimise planing.

Choice 2:� Just add water and the lighter Choice 2 comes alive! For radical, unhooked, freestyle moves or lazy downwinders. In boots or straps. It incorporates a new variable rail thickness for better control and a smoother edging. The Vario Rails as they are known feature a 9.5mm shaped rail profile near the centre of the board that progressively reduces in thickness to 3mm near the tips. And two new 3/4 length channels produce incredible lateral resistance. Like the original, it carries forward a 100% Cartan Carbon Fibre construction, extreme durability, and slider friendly bases.

Bolt 2: The updated boot only Bolt 2 brings super tough, wakestyle construction with the right amount of flex, rocker and bombproof boot inserts in a 200g lighter package. It’s refined channels and Vario Rails improve speed and control. And an extra layer of Core’s exclusive Cartan Carbon Fibre adds a whole new level of explosiveness. Unique to the Bolt 2 is the waxy, snowboard inspired base which is high-modulus polyethylene, a material with superior sliding properties. And just like snowboards, dings are easily repaired with the included PTEX candle.



Ripper 2:� Core goes back to the future with the Ripper 2. Pro surfers know that poly works best in waves. And so, the Ripper 2’s medium width, poly surfboard construction absorbs nasty little bumps like a Cadillac. Its closed cell foam won’t absorb water, so you don’t have to worry about the occasional chip water-logging your stick. The board features a double stringer design, carbon fibre deck and fin box reinforcements, along with bombproof strap inserts. Strapped or strapless, the Ripper 2 delivers the smoothest lines and endless smiles.



So that’s been out take on Core for 2017. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section!

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