The Brand:

Cabrinha provides premium kitesurfing equipment and premium service worldwide to people with a passion for the sport. Inspired and driven by Maui-waterman Pete Cabrinha, the company became a subsidiary or Pryde Group in 2000. Pete is not only the name behind the brand, he’s also the brand manager of the division working with chief kite designer Pat Goodman, the engineers, and the R&D and test team throughout the entire process of development, and oversees the graphic design and marketing department. With the support of a vast distribution network, selling and servicing over 40 countries worldwide, the company has climbed the ranks to become a leading kitesurfing brand, earning a great reputation for consistently producing high-quality, good-looking kitesurfing products.

What’s new?�

Cabrinha is all about innovations that matter. Some of the most important examples of recent innovations can be seen in the all new Fireball. The industry’s first purpose built kite connection system is a non-binding system that allows for free, unrestricted movement no matter where the kite is located in the window.

The most notable kite technology is the use of Pro Span used exclusively on the Apollo. Pro Span improves the relationship between the actual canopy area and the usable canopy area. Then, a unique a noteworthy twin tip development is the use of the Volcanic Basalt Construction. Basalt is an extremely fine volcanic mineral fibre that’s absent � of toxic additives and is found in abundance. Known for its strength and durability, Basalt delivers vibration resistance to their boards wit ha really high strength to weight ratio.

The 2017 Surfboard collection features signature step rail designs, constructed with a blend of exotic composite materials. It starts wit ha 25kg density EPS Core which is wrapped with a strategically placed sandwich of eco friendly cork, bamboo and fibreglass. This combination has produced a lighter yet more durable construction that is lively and positive under your feet.

New Connection; Fireball!

Fireball is the first kite connection system that is purpose built for kitesurfing from the ground up. The unique design harnesses the specific forces and movements of kiteboarding, and combines them with ergonomic form factors to create a kite connection which is a seamless extension of your body. Fireball is a sleek new approach to one of the most important points in kitesurfing, the point where the power of the kite meets the power of your body. This exact point needs to be the most secure, yet fluid, part of the control system. It is right here where Fireball delivers an innovative connection system for the next generation of kitesurfing.�


Apollo: The Apollo is a performance freeride kite designed to pull every bit of power out of the atmosphere and deliver it right into your hands. The inflated skeletal frame, setting it apart from a ram air kite in many ways, provides the structure that keeps the kite design true to its intended shape while in flight. In shifty winds, the inflated struts drive the kite through turbulence with a minimal amount of deformation. The inflated leading edge structure of the kite introduces the laminar flow of an air across the kite’s Pure Profile Panels, making it very stable even at low speeds.

FX:� The highly responsive platform for the FX gives you power for explosive pop, and the perfect mount of boost of huge lofty airs. The modified C-Shape arc allows you to throw aggressive kiteloops, with the ability for the kite to hit the apex before transitioning into a soft landing. The pully-less bridle is short and tight, increasing reactivity and user feedback. It’s lightning fast turning speed, direct steering, and quick relaunch make it perfect for intermediate to highly advanced riders. The FX effortlessly bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride to create the perfect crossover kite.

Switchblade:� The Switchblade sits at the heart of the Cabrinha Kite range where style and performance are seamlessly interwoven. Loved by many for its unique combination of smooth power delivery, unrivalled predictability and uncompromising high end performance, the Switchblade has redefined the notion of what a single kite can achieve. The five strut design has distinct segments that hold the canopy true to its intended shape, increasing the kite’s performance� regardless of the wind conditions or angle of attack. The wide ranges of attack angles give the Switchblade the incredibly powerful, predictable pull it’s famous for.

Drifter:� Purpose built for kitesurfing, the Drifter is known for drift stability, precise turning and instant power and de-power. Three well placed struts keep the profile of the kite upright and compact, so you can turn on a dime and power and de-power on command. Two bridle turning options optimise performance for offshore wind conditions or onshore winds. Its standout characteristic, coined ”Slack Like Drift”, defines its exceptional ability to drift downwind and stay aloft when the lines are slackened. The Drifter’s ability to get you up and going with a short de-power travel allows you to drop in, accelerate, then dump the power completely to snap or carve turns.

Radar:� The Radar combines sophisticated performance with unadulterated simplicity. Its blend of function and versatility makes this kite perfect for just about any riding style. The high sweep and low aspect ratio make the kite ultra-responsive and great for downloops. It provides immediate response with just about any input given to the control system. A simple bridle system and thinned profiles keep the power in check, while still providing all the power you’ll want or need. It has a well-balanced, full body and swept wings which make the kite easy to relaunch. The generously curved leading edge makes the kite roll into the relaunch position � with very little input from the rider.



Ace:� The Ace is Cabrinha’s most versatile performance twin tip to date. While designed to excel in the performance freestyle arena, the Ace is also perfectly comfortable boosting huge airs or throwing powered kiteloops. It’s fast rocker line allows for explosive bursts of speed leading up to your tricks. It has a great edge hold, amazing pop, and a low spin weight, which makes for predictably smooth landings. The quad concave to quad V-Bottom shape, and an advanced lightweight freestyle composition, make the Ace a high end freeride/freestyle performance board.

X-Caliber:� The X-Caliber’s high performance comes from the extensive use if structural carbon that stiffens the flex pattern, for increased response and explosive pop. It’s performance rocker line allows for monstrous drive into powered freestyle tricks while retaining excellent upwind performance. The double concave with cantered rail panels shift into a quad concave tip bottom shape for maximum edge control, board response, and smooth landings. The progressive 3D moulded top and bottom shape gives added dimension to the board. A single pour, ultra-bond liquid polyurethane elastomer � around the entire board is the ultimate impact resistance material helping with rebound and vibration reduction. Designed to provide speed, pop, and the ultimate upwind ability to keep your performance spot on.

CBL:� Whether hitting funboxes, kickers or rails powered with a kite or cable, the CBL delivers a smooth power transfer from the power source to the water. The outline of the CBL enhances edge control and provides an explosive pop with optimal landing control. The stiff and rockered up design delivers stylish, powerful, powerful wakestyle performance. It features a deep double concave to a flat centre combined with the P-Tex base is perfect when hitting any type of obstacle. The rail channels provide the bite, and the flat top 20mm hex flow fins keep things grippy when needed, and don’t need to be removed at the park for added convenience.

Tronic:� While excelling at carving waves or throwing monster air’s, the Tronic sits perfectly in the middle of the Cabrinha range as an all-round performance, freestyle twin tip. It’s narrower tips deliver power control for carving, while the quad concave to deep V tip bottom shape puts the control where you need, between your feet. Its tips flex naturally to hold power to boost and grip the water so it won’t skip out through turns and carves. The Parabolic Rails provide a stiffer centre section while delivering a responsive tip and tail flex. The volcanic basalt fibre construction keeps the weight to a minimum while retaining high durability. The performance rocker line helps initiate G-Force turns.



S-Quad:� The fifth incarnation of the S-Quad features Cabrinha’s signature parabolic ridge design which creates a double concave deck for a positive foot platform when riding strapless. The ParabolicRidge increases the deck thickness without making the rail thicker which gives you a better grip on the rail and increases board durability. The S-Quad has a narrow outline which makes it great for riding fast and pushing hard in the turns and is ideally suited for down the line waves in side shore or side-offshore wind conditions. The quad fin arrangement is surfing’s tried and tested configuration for fast and powerful surfing. The S-Quad can be ridden with or without straps.

Spade:� The Spade is Cabrinha’s all new versatile performance surfboard. It has prominent design features that make it excel in the surf and in the air. It starts with a slightly wider and curvier outline than the S-Quad, lending itself to tight turns in the pocket of any sized wave. The three fin configuration promotes rail to rail, and a top to bottom style of surfing. The wide outline also makes this board incredibly lively under your feet allowing you generate speed even in onshore surf.

Squid Launcher:� The Squid Launcher dominated the surf freestyle segment of the Cabrinha line with its hugely versatile design. The Squid Launcher is a stealthy little creature that thrives on flat water lakes as well as it does in the ocean. It has a freestyle surf skate design made for the new era of strapless trick riding. The short and wide outline takes you from zero to plaining in an instant. The same combination of length and width is perfect for taking your skate style air game into the surf. The Squid Launcher has a quad fin, swallow tail for a perfect track and release.



Double Agent: One board, two faces. Back for it’s second year the Double Agent is Cabrinha’s fun performance hydrofoil board that converts into a surf skate directional. When mounted with one of their foil systems you’ll be up and soaring in well under 8 knots. The aluminium mast and fuselage, compression moulded deck, and a fibreglass wings offer a solid and durable ride. The low aspect front wing design allows for slower planing speed which helps get you up on the foil plane early. When configured with the three surf fins it doubles as a fun bump and jump style directional board.


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