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Developed by riders for riders to have a stylish helmet that they want to be seen in, whether that's just shredding the local cable park or for their lastest video edit, Sandbox produce some of the best looking lids in the industry!
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Sandbox is a uniquely rider-owned company that has been developing rider inspired products since 2004. 

In 2007, Sandbox’s venture into manufacturing began when they started developing helmets that were stylish enough for riders to film in. Sandbox’s unique brim model was an instant classic amongst the snowboard community.

Since then, Sandbox have been building our brand organically through grassroots involvement in camps and events, social media and team rider support and exposure. As such, Sandbox has now grown into a worldwide multi-season brand, developing helmets for wake, skate and bike, as well as soft goods, and accessories. Sandbox understand action sports are continually progressing, and with them, so are riders’ needs for safety, comfort and style.

Their commitment to progression and creativity help make Sandbox one of the industry’s most respected helmet manufacturers.