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Hailing from the Canadian Pacific Northwest, Ocean Rodeo is a kiteboard and technical apparel brand focused on building the best gear to challenge the most rugged and demanding kite conditions. With a full line of kites, surfboards, twin tips and drysuits, Ocean Rodeo can outfit you with the equipment needed to take on the most merciless kiteboarding environments. With the recent development of the new Aluula technology are one of the few companies bringing something new to the worldwide kitesurfing scene!
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Ocean Rodeo started out by making drysuits and wetsuits back in the 70s on Vancouver Island where they get intense North Pacific storms. This let them test their equipment in the toughest conditions year-round to ensure durability and high performance.

Ocean Rodeo have some amazing products to offer and their all about getting more time on the water and having fun while doing it. With Ocean Rodeo always improving their kitesurfing equipment with big improvements in the bar and Flite kite now in its 3rd generation the 17 & 14.5 remain two of the world’s best high-performance light wind kites, so you're not just on the water you can ride how you want! 

The Ocean Rodeo dry suit range is unbeatable! These dry suits have been in constant development for over 30 years and they are designed for stand up paddle boarders, kitesurfers and other water sports where maximum performance and mobility while keeping you warm and dry. Ocean Rodeo use there Ventor Tri-Ply to keep the material breathable and water out.