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Liquid Force was the� 2015 AWSI ‘Brand of the year’ award winner� for a reason. They have a good range of products without saturating their lineup with too many boards and kites. Their products are hardy, long lasting, versatile and capable of filling their roles very well.

We’re blogging about the package that we have available because we think it’s the best kite deal on the market right now for the beginner-intermediate rider. A Liquid Force Solo 12 MTR Kitesurfing Kite, a nice large, simple Liquid Force Drive/Overdrive Kiteboard that’s easy to get up on with big fins that help you to learn to kite upwind, capped off with the 2016 Liquid Force Response Bar & Lines and Liquid Force Fusion Straps and Pads. This set up with your own choice of harness is really the go-to for riders looking to get out on the water and learn what it’s all about. Lets go over each of the products available:

Liquid Force Solo 12/9 MTR Kitesurfing Kite

We offer a 12 MTR or 9 MTR variant of this kite as these are the most common sizes that a beginner buys (12 MTR for most people, 9 MTR for super lightweight people). In most kite brands for beginner/intermediate riders you’re looking for a balance between wind range,� responsiveness, ease of use and durability.

The Solo is a simple one strut freeride oriented kite, it takes less time to pump than a conventional kite due to the Liquid Force pump system (a huge valve that you can pump super fast) and is the standard freeride 4 line design with leading edge bridles. The wingtips are quite swept back making the kite feel very freeride oriented and it relaunches with relative ease.

Some of the most frustrating things to learn in kitesurfing are:

1) Where to place your kite in the window to get the most out of it.
2) How to maintain speed and power without face planting.
3) Relaunching your kite when you mess up.
4) Learning to kite upwind.
5) Keeping powered up and in the air in lighter/gusty wind.

The Liquid Force Solo has a huge sweet spot when compared with similar crossover kites like the Liquid Force Envy making it easier to get up on the water. The power on the kite comes nice and gradually, it doesn’t smack you in the face and spit you off the board like a ragdoll. Relaunching this kite is literally brainless in almost any wind, it feels like the kite wants to just be in the air.

Learning to kite upwind is always going to be a tough skill to pick up but because the Solo is so light, with just one strut, you can maintain power and edge quite easily when compared with other kites, this also helps with keeping powered up in a lighter wind. The 12 acts more like a 11-13 in terms of wind range due to it’s weight and the shape which makes sheeting in feel like stepping on the gas pedal.

Don’t think for a second however that this kite is only useful� for beginner/intermediate riders. Because of the extent of the ‘gas pedal’ feel you can get some HUGE air on this kite, you’re not going to grow out of it unless you are looking into the pro circuit or learning advanced wakestyle tricks. Even if you are looking into this, the Solo can still be an incredibly fun kite to ride purely to hone your skills because it’s so much more forgiving than it’s crossover counterparts.


Liquid Force Drive/Overdrive Kitesurfing Board

A simple board with a good profile for riders learning to kitesurf. It has large fins, a relatively reserved rocker, very little channeling, it’s light and we’re stocking the 140cm and 142cm variants in the package.

It’s a great board to start out on, you don’t need a super tech channeled board if you’re just cruising around your local spot or popping some reasonable jumps, these boards are for people who are getting into the sport or those who just want a nice smooth ride.

The lack of aggressive rocker means that the board is pulled along by the kite with much less friction, you’re not looking to land a mobe� on your first few adventures on the water. It’ll be faster when it’s up and running, it will maintain it’s speed and it’ll be super easy to get up on. The large fins will help you to stay upwind as they allow you to hold that edge without putting in a huge amount of effort (once you’re comfortable of course).

Lastly the construction of the Drive makes it a very durable board and the bang for buck is better than most other boards out there.


Liquid Force Fusion Straps & Pads

A set of straps and pads has to give you a solid connection to the board, comfort, precision and be easy to use. The Liquid Force Fusion Pads & Straps capture all of this with a durable and responsive chassis, comfortable foam foot beds and secure straps that are easy to slip on and off while adjusting in the water.

A perfect pair to go with our board. They fit sizes UK 5 to UK 13 in two sizes, Small/Medium (5-8) and Medium/Large (7-13) and therefore are some very versatile straps that will work for almost everybody.


Liquid Force Response Bar

The Liquid Force Response Bar is a solid feeling, ‘one size fits all’ bar with great construction, aesthetics, comfort and ease of use. It has adjustable bar ends which allow for the width to be changed from 46cm to 56cm and it has an adjustable mainline cleat which allows you to move the trim cleat up and down for your own personal preferences.

In addition to these features the above-the-bar swivel has a ceramic, self-flushing, auto spinning swivel to make sure that your kite lines are always untwisted when flying.

These features combined with the comfortable EVA grip with ergonomic contours and super safe moulded chicken loop with 100% depower make for a comfortable, safe and responsive ride.

It also comes with a pretty nice recoil leash.

A great finish to our package.


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