This year, Liquid Force have introduced 2 new kites, and some new features to the existing ones that build and improve upon the already brilliant design. Take a look at all of their new range at S2AS, and pre-order your gear to arrive soon!

2017 Liquid Force Envy:� 2017-liquid-force-envy-blue

Apart from the new name, the ‘NY’ as it’s now called has a new profile along with new air-frame geometries, but the most noticeable change is to the wingtips. More squared off than last year, this helps improve the input the rider gets from he kite, making it faster and turn better through the window. The Leading Edge Diameter has been tuned further in the key areas Liquid Force believes are necessary. These changes make the kite a lot faster through the window, and make for a solid fluid turn. The new NV also uses a new bridle scheme that includes a V Load Transfer Connection. What this does is it eliminates canopy distortion and makes the bridling a lot more stable.

2017 Liquid Force Wow:�

The Wow is the kite for the rider that wants a really forgiving kite, but still gives you a tug when you want it to. The Smooth, predictable power from the kite makes it the perfect kite for the beginner looking to up their game. Instant response and precise handling of the kite makes it a great wave kite as well, making you focus more on the wave than the kite, as Liquid Force claim. Apart from the wave characteristics, it’s littered with freeride capabilities such as big boost and long glides. The kite also has a smaller leading edge for better upwind capabilities, which is great.� 2017-liquid-force-wow-kitesurf-kite-black


So those are the 2 new, updated kites from Liquid Force. What do you think about the kites? Let us know in the comments section! Be sure to check them out at https://www.s2as.com or pop in store for a demo!

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