Core SLC foil - 'The kite foil for everyone'

Core SLC foil - 'The kite foil for everyone'

Size tested: Core SLC 92cm mast, 1000 front wing

Test conditions: 8-12kts wind, flatwater

Location: Portland Harbour

Kite setup: 12m Core Xlite2 and Sensor 3+ Pro Foil Bar

Board: 125cm Pocket foil board.

TL;DR: Well designed and superbly made, the kite foil for everyone!

First impressions of this foil were really good and promoted a lot of excitement.

Opening the box, it feels premium. It has the Tefgel anti-seize and a nice T30 tool to assemble, yes, but also the screws are all pre applied with blue Loctite which I thought was a nice touch. Putting it together, the connections felt tight with good tolerances and flawless machining. This foil really is a thing of beauty!

On the water...

The Core SLC foil is a blast to ride. The 1000 front wing is not for the complete beginner foiler (I would try out the 1250 wing instead), but for the progressing intermediate to the top end advanced rider, ask and you shall receive. It sits in a world of its own. It’s extremely cruisy when gliding around but definitely not slow. It’s no race foil, but it should smoke almost any windfoiler or winger when you put the hammer down, with only the smallest of shakes at the top end (maybe you could fix that with the proud graphics Core?).

At the same time gliding around on light wind days and pumping down some little waves is also hugely enjoyable with this setup. Breaching a wingtip is not an issue and I encountered no ventilation or loss of lift when doing so. Somehow Core have managed to make a foil wing that gives huge amounts of confidence at all speeds. It’s responsive but predicable, still providing lift at the slowest of speeds and will help any foiler nail their transitions or tricks with style. They advertise it as having ‘personality’ and I would agree.

core foil

Aluminium mast?

Previously to testing, I was a little worried about the mast letting the rest of the setup down being aluminium instead of carbon. However that was so unjustified. On the water it felt stiff and light just as I would expect, with no noticeable bend at all. Turns are responsive and I can only describe as balanced, with the fancy 6063 aircraft aluminium Core use you really feel connected to the wings. They have nailed it with this mast, it is a testament to their design process, manufacturing and material choice. Using aluminium for their mast allows the high end Core SLC foil to come in much cheaper than its competition with increased durability and no noticeable downsides in performance! A great example of Core doing things how they see best not just following tradition.

girl hydrofoil


Core were quite late to the foiling party but they have spent their time well. As we have come to expect from the Fehmarn based brand, they have done things properly. Construction is excellent and the design is nothing short of a marvel. This foil is as much a foil for the light wind cruiser as it is for wave riding master or the freestyle maestro. For the complete beginner foiler or the wave rider I would opt for the larger 1250 wing and the smaller 75cm mast. For everyone else the 1000 wing and the 92cm mast will scratch that foiling itch in style.

core foil slide

You can find the Core SLC foil here and the rest of the Core range including SLC Foilboard available at S2AS.

See you on the water.

Bio: Former Olympic class windsurfer switched over to the dark side. Love a dancing session on the foil and a sendy boost. Big fan of new gear and development in the sport. 
Dims: 183cm, 80kgs

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