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CORE offers the latest range of Kite Surfing Kites for all kite surfing abilities, styles and wind ranges. All core kites as well as boards are made in Germany, and have been in production since 2001. Their collection ranges from the XR Kites to the GTS Kite Series.


The Core Kites work damn well when it comes to kite surfing. The high quality construction is visible with all Core water sporting products, and the Core Kites are no exception. Moreover, the super rigid ExoTech leading edge combined with the extra strong triple ripstop CoreTex canopy material makes Core Kites the ideal brand for kite surfing gear. Furthermore, their kites ride and feel the exactly same from the first day till day 100.

Core Kites are built to give an extra smooth feel where you always feel the kite on the harness hook and in your hands, often referred to as the ‘smooth power’. This extra functionality will give you the confidence to ride smoothly without having to constantly view the kite as you ride it. These kites are designed to have a significantly high wind range with loads of depower and tons of low end power at the same time. They also come with extraordinary jumping capabilities not found in any other kite brands; huge vertical lifts with a long glide downs. We’ve found Core Kites to have a more predictable power delivery and smoother feel than any other kite we have tested to date.



The Core Kites tend to come with a lower aspect design that has been combined with a relatively simple short bridle system, this helps you avoid a kite invert or roll on the water when the kite is crashed. Although even if you do mess up, the kites will be easy to re-launch off the water. In fact, the Core Kites have shown to be resilient and effective in even the worst teaching scenarios. You can be assured all those beginner mistakes like over flying the kite or sheeting in way too much, are all things of the past on the Core Kites.



In addition, the medium bar pressure of the Core Kites will always keep you aware of where the kite is in the sky at all times when kitesurfing. Lastly, the lightweight qualities of Core Kites make it possible for the kites to drift well without back stalling meaning kites falling from the sky is no longer a concern.



Bottom-line: Core makes the strongest kites on the market, and we are proud to stock them at� Their kites do not invert in marginal conditions like a lot of other brands. The material and construction of these kites is superior to any other product in the market. The kites are great for beginners through to more experienced riders, and can re-launch and correct themselves with very little input, making Core the ideal kite choice for any kite surfer no matter their level. If you’re looking for a forgiving and an easy to fly kite that is built to last, Core Kites should be your first choice!


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